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Your lifestyle...
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iCare Navigator

iCare Navigator is a Healthcare Advocacy and Navigation Service that provides support and education to patients and their family members about the ins and outs of the healthcare system. If patients and their family members have questions or concerns about care or available programs, this service knows how the system works.

Support clients by navigating the healthcare system to explore options.
Advocate to resolve concerns about treatment, policy or procedure.
Educate clients and their family members on specific healthcare laws and regulations which can affect access to services.

Our Navigator or patient Advocate can:

  • Accompany to medical appointments and discussions.
  • Assist/research: medical condition, diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Provide expert opinion on difficult medical decisions.
  • Assist in Navigating insurance policies and claims.
  • Advocate to manage and reduce hospital and medical bills.
  • Mediate among family members on decisions affecting the health care of a loved one.
  • Assist in finding legal opinion and assistance after a medical error.
  • Track paperwork and records for insurance, legal or personal purposes.
  • Healthcare proxy and advance directive assistance.
  • Arrange for Home health and elder care services.
  • Recommend home therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Assisted living and nursing home recommendations.
  • End of Life Services: Hospice care.
  • Negotiations: Denial of insurance claims.

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