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Why Seniors Need A Healthy And Nutritious Diet

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Proper nutrition is important at every age, but it’s especially important for older adults to maintain a healthy, nutrient-rich diet to prevent age-related illnesses and cognitive decline. However, some of the physical changes that older adults experience can negatively impact their dietary habits, and lead to an increased risk of health issues. Read More »

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6 Superfoods For Prostate Health

Superfoods for Prostate Health

The subject of Prostate Cancer used to be a taboo subject. Fortunately men aren’t shy at discussing this subject any longer and are taking their health more seriously. Many events are promoted to raise money for Prostate Health Awareness. The most recent and popular event is called Movember where men grow facial hair for charity. Read More »

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Active Ageing

exercise tip for elders

As we age, staying active typically becomes less of a priority, however that’s when it is more important than ever. Research shows that regular exercise can ward off strokes, prevent falls, and improve your memory! The National Institute on Aging found that even moderate exercise increased the size of the hippocampus which is the part of the brain that plays a role in memory.  Read More »

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World Environment Day: Environmental Factors And Elder Health

World Environment Day

In the last few decades, much more attention has been paid to our environment – how we treat it, how it’s changing, and how we can preserve it for generations to come. World Environment Day will be celebrated on June 5 this year and on this day, the United Nations encourages everyone to increase their awareness and their action to support our environment. Read More »

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The Sunshine Vitamin

sunshine vitamin d

As we welcome our first days of warm weather here in the northern hemisphere, it causes me to reflect on just how vital sunshine is in our daily lives. Not only does it help our gardens to thrive and the grass to grow but it helps our bodies produce the essential Vitamin D that we need to support bone health, keep our immune system healthy and may help reduce the risk of developing chronic disease. Read More »

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You Are What You Eat! Maintaining Nutrition Into An Old Age

Nutritious Diet for Retired Seniors at iCare Home Health in Oakville, ON

I know; ‘You are what you eat’ feels like a stale cliché, but there is truth to it. What you consume acts as fuel for your day just like a car needs gas. If you don’t eat enough food with nutrients (or just not enough food at all), you start to feel it and will slow down just like a car that doesn’t have enough gas.

Basically, if you eat like garbage, you will feel like garbage. But, good nutrition is sometimes easier said than done. Where does one even begin? A quick Google search will churn up hundreds of sites, news items, blogs, and videos that often contain conflicting information.

It can be enough to scare off a nutritional novice; who has time to sort through it all? It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Some small changes and a conversation with a professional can set your elderly loved one on the right path for better nutrition.

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7 Tips For A “Healthier” Holiday Season

7 Tips for a Healthful Holiday Season

As we prepare to go into holiday mode attending festivities with friends and family we must still be mindful of what we eat & drink.  We typically gain 1-5 extra pounds at holiday time. This may not sound like alot but 5 pounds is hard to lose in the New Year! Read More »

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Breakfast of Champions – The ONLY Way to Start a Day

Breakfast for seniors

Did you eat breakfast today? How about your family? If not, you are one of the 40% of Canadians who do NOT eat breakfast everyday.  That also means that you are more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes, less likely to be using all of your cognitive abilities, and you probably snack a lot more during the day.  It may sound cliché, but it is true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even more so for seniors. Read More »

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Is Your Diet Making You Sick?

New Food Allergies

You eat well, drink lots of water daily, take your vitamins and even exercise regularly yet you are still tired all the time and just don’t feel 100%.  It’s possible food is the culprit!

If you experience these symptoms on a regular basis its possible you could have food allergies:  bloating, constipation, headache, sinusitis, swollen glands, heart     palpitations or irregular heartbeat, dark circles or bags under the eyes, sore throat, fatigue, arthritis, and skin irritations are just some of the possibilities .  Allergies can mimic any health condition so its important to find out if food is triggering your symptoms. Read More »

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Nutrition, Are You On A S.A.D. Diet?

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Most of us would think “eating to sustain life”. You would be partially right however the type of food we eat is what determines a healthy body from a not so healthy body. The “SAD” way of eating (Standard American Diet) consisting of high fat, low fiber, processed foods is contributing to a sick society.

The body requires a specific amount of nutrients daily to thrive and the SAD doesn’t provide that. Today’s environment of fast foods and prepared meals leaves us low in the fuel needed to function optimally, both physically and mentally. Read More »

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