Birdies for Brain Injury 2018

Birdies for Brain Injury 2018

What is a brain injury?

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury, which occurs after you are born. It is not a cognitive condition (such as Alzheimer’s) or a genetic condition, (such as Tay-Sachs disease). A stroke, a brain tumor or an infection can cause an ABI. It can also result from external factors, such as a near drowning, substance abuse or a poisoning.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by events such as a car accident, a fall, a gunshot wound or a sports injury. They can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Some TBI symptoms may get better over time, and others may not. Some survivors who’ve had ‘mild’ TBIs experience very severe, life-altering symptoms.
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Birdie for Brain Injury 2018

Join iCare Home Health and the Brain Injury Society for a great event:
Birdies for Brain Injury 2018.

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