Nurse at Home Pickering

Nurse at Home Pickering

Receiving care and support from the comfort of your home is a preferred choice for many seniors. In these situations, home care nursing in Pickering can assist. Caregivers are available to offer programming and services for individuals who require home care or support with their well-being.
At iCare Home Health, we offer in-home nursing services for seniors in Pickering. Our Nurse at Home program is made up of professional, skilled nurses and licensed therapists who support each client with their well-being. Our team recognizes that receiving care at home is a choice many seniors make, and our goal is to make this a comfortable experience.
That’s why, before getting started with at-home nurse services, we begin each client intake with a free assessment. We take the time to get to know clients and families and how our team of caregivers can offer support. If you’re looking for an understanding nursing agency in Pickering, iCare Home Health is a trusted choice. Connect with us to learn more about our range of services.

What is In-Home Nursing Care?

There may be times in our lives where we need support with our health and well-being at home. This may include follow-up care after a hospital stay, foot care, wound management, and many more situations. Arranging a home nursing service during these times is completely normal. In fact, home care services offer complete convenience for receiving compassionate and qualified care from the comfort of home.
When it comes to the types of in-home nursing programs provided by iCare Home Health, they can be arranged on an hourly basis or as needed. Our team is able to discuss caregiving frequency so that we ensure our services align with each client’s needs. We can also provide more details about the cost of a nurse at home and the specific types of services each client needs to ensure they are well-cared for.

Nursing Services in Pickering

Our nurse at home Pickering services include many types of programs and supports to assist with the individual needs of each client. Our team is happy to discuss each family’s specific situation so that we can align our services to best support their well-being. IV therapy, foot care, wound management, and support with complex and special needs are just a few of the areas we can assist with.
During the free assessment, we are happy to discuss each family’s requirements when it comes to hiring a nursing agency in Pickering. During this in-depth interview, we will take the time to assess how our team of caregivers can best assist. Since our caregivers are matched with clients based on personality and preferences, we’ll do our best to get to know clients personally so we can arrange an ideal match.

Qualified, Compassionate Home Nursing Care Agency in Pickering

To get started with a free assessment for in-home nursing “near me” in Pickering, contact us. The services that we offer to seniors in Pickering are vast. This allows us to create a custom caregiving program specifically suited for you or a loved one so that all aspects of care and well-being are addressed.
Reach out to us to get started and to receive more information.