Autism Services For Children

Autism Services

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have unique needs and need specialized care to support their development. Autism symptoms range in severity and can cause children with autism to struggle with communication, social, and behavioral challenges.

Symptoms Of Autism In Children Include:

  • Difficulty playing with their peers and/or relating to others.
  • Avoiding eye contacting.
  • Atypical or repetitive physical movements, such as spinning, tapping, or flapping their hands.
  • Missing milestones in their development or losing their developmental progress.
  • Trouble learning at school.
  • Difficulty playing with toys.
  • Poor muscle tone, physical coordination, and/or spatial awareness.

While there is no cure for autism, symptoms can be improved through childhood intervention. Dedicated care and support from professional caregivers can help children with autism overcome challenges and develop the skills required to reach their full potential. As every child with autism is unique, support services should be tailored to the child’s individual needs and focus on the progression of the behavioral, educational, speech, and social skills.

iCare’s At-Home Autism Caregiving Services For Children

Children with autism need a structured and safe environment to help them thrive. Daily routines that include scheduled at-home visits from an experienced caregiver can help them cope with behavioral and social issues that affect their development and emotional wellbeing. Children with autism learn and communicate differently, which makes it especially important that they partner with a caregiver qualified to work with autistic children. An expert caregiver from iCare Home Health can help children with autism develop the confidence they need to build their self-esteem and social skills through age-appropriate, play-based activities. Our autism services are customized to support the development and emotional well-being of each child.

How iCare’s Caregiving Services Can Help Your Child

  • iCare’s at-home autism support services are guided by clear goals and objectives. Your child’s progress is regularly evaluated and communicated to you to ensure that you’re always engaged in their development.
  • Support focuses on key developmental areas affected by autism, such as social skills, language/communication, motor skills, and play skills. Our autism services for children are designed to be fun and entertaining, so they become an enjoyable part of your child’s routine.
  • Our caregivers engage parents to ensure that your family has influence over all decisions and therapeutic processes engaged during support sessions.
  • Our skilled at-home caregivers respect your child’s and family’s unique needs, abilities, and values to provide the best care and support possible.
  • Caregivers can collaborate and communicate with your child’s physician, speech-language pathologist, and/or other therapy workers to help provide a holistic treatment that supports your child’s development.

Receive Qualified And Compassionate Autism Services From iCare Home Health

iCare Home Health’s expert services will support your child’s development in the comfort and convenience of their home. If your child would benefit from at-home autism services from a qualified and experienced caregiver, call or email us today to learn more and to receive a consultation.