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Hospital Discharge Package

The support one receives after discharge from a hospital is key to ensuring long-term recovery. We understand that coming home from the hospital is a much-anticipated time, but it is not without its planning ahead requirements for you and your family. There is a lot of preparation and coordination that must occur in order to ensure you travel safely home and that everything you need is waiting for you.

Our Hospital Discharge Package includes the following services:

  • Discharge Coordination Involves conducting an initial meeting with hospital discharge planning staff to develop a detailed care plan
  • Visit to the Home To ensure your home is properly prepared prior to the discharge.
  • Transportation Involves arrangement of transportation home.
  • Coordination and Delivery of Home Medical Equipment
  • Medication Management Involves organizing and tracking medications to make sure that they are taken as prescribed.
  • Physician Visit Support Involves that follow-up medical appointments are tracked, communication with other health care professionals and providing or arranging for transportation.
  • Meal Preparation and Housekeeping Involves meal planning, shopping and preparation according to the care plan.
  • Monitoring Involves becoming familiar with the warning signs and taking appropriate action in a timely manner.

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