Therapeutic Art Program

iCare Expressive Art Program

Art and Wellness

Expressive art making enriches our lives. Painting, drawing, and sculpture can be used to communicate ideas, stimulate the senses and touch our emotions. Have some fun by exploring the use of different art materials.

Expressive art making can have a positive effect on your health. The iCare Expressive Art Program (iCEAP) is a support service facilitated by our Artist in Residence. She is a practicing professional artist with graduate level training in counseling and art therapy.

iCEAP is a versatile program that can be personalized to meet your needs. No art experience is needed to participate. It is facilitated on an individual or group basis in a safe environment. It is also offered for adults living with chronic illness or disability and those in the early stages of a dementia-related disease.

iCEAP art options include:

    • Painting: using watercolour, tempera and acrylic paints
    • Drawing: using pencils, markers, oil pastels and chalk
    • Collage: using photo images, textured paper and found objects
  • Clay work: using natural clay and synthetic clay (Sculpy)

Benefits of iCEAP

    • Wellness: enhances relaxation; reduces symptoms of anxiety; improves mood; outlet for feelings and emotions; stimulates energy
    • Skill-building: provides new techniques for expression; facilitates fine motor skills; develops focus; improves communication and social skills
  • Self-esteem: sense of accomplishment; develops new interest and self-confidence

Is iCEAP for you?

Are you…

      • Interested in… exploring new art media, revisiting your creative side, art and nature, art history, or art therapy?
      • Recovering from… physical challenges, loss or social withdrawal?
    • chronic illness or disability, or early stages of dementia?

Anyone can benefit.

Getting Started

Call an iCare support person to find out more about iCEAP. Your personalized program begins with meeting the Artist in Residence at the convenience of your own residence. Call (905) 491-6941 or fill in the “Contact an Artist in Residence” to initiate contact.

Tap into your creativity.Tap into a new energy.