Time for Home Care

Time for Home Care

Helping Elders Maintain Their Independence – Is it Time to Offer a Little Help?

The baby boomer generation has changed every age segment it grew into.As the early boomers enter their senior years, the consensus is that they feel younger than their age. While their bodies may not support that notion as it is apparent in rising stats of sport injuries, one thing that is very clear, they share at least one thing with their aging parents: the fierce quest to “maintain their independence”. Survey upon survey confirms that most seniors would prefer to Age in Home where they are familiar with their surroundings, hold on to sentimental memories and possibly enjoy a walk with their life long neighbor in their familiar neighbourhood, rather than to be sent to a seniors home. Today’s seniors will also tell anyone who is willing to listen that they want to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, if only someone can commit to help with elderly care and the little things that they can’t do any more. As family, work demands and life pressures rise on baby boomers, the ability to manage their affairs and add those of their parent’s maybe an impossibility. The time spent doing chores and caring for elderly parents may deliver opposite results with increased tension between the parties. Letting professional home care agencies handle these affairs so that the time spent with the elderly is better spent in pleasant conversations and/ or activities would relieve the children from the pressure of caring for another house hold, maintain the parents independence and help build long lasting happy moments. Concerns for the elderly revolve around issues such as Safety at Home, Food, Medication and General Care. An independent Caregiver other than a family member will help seniors maintain their independence.


As the aging process takes its toll, failing eye sight, physical instability, handling electrical or gas fixtures can be safety hazards. A Home Health Caregiver could help handle different situations and ensure that smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets are properly serviced. Personal safety alarms that are wearable could be a life saver in case of a fall and wireless remote monitoring is becoming widely available.


The right to choose what to eat is one of the few life delights that any person tends to enjoy. Taking that away could be a sign of independence lost. A Caregiver escorting a senior grocery shopping, or arranging for home delivery and helping unpack the items, prepare some cooked meals would help maintain their independence. Ensuring that expiry dates on food in the fridge are monitored and current would prevent unsavoury food events.


A regular event in the life of the elderly is taking medication. Checking that prescriptions are not causing new symptoms or side effects is important. With the support of a Caregiver and home care assistance program, this would help monitor the elderly take the right pill at the right time.

General Care

Seniors may enjoy going on a cruise, or a light golf game, but grass cutting and snow shoveling and ensuring that their heating system is in good working order is probably better handled by someone else. A handyman at home on demand will ensure that these chores are looked after while the elderly enjoy better things in life. iCare Home Health caregivers are available to provide home health care services, the relief necessary for the children, the support required for caring for elderly parents to maintain their independence and ensure that those autumn years are spent building more happy memories between generations that are cherished for years to come. From few hours a week to 24/7 support, the iCare Home Health team delivers home care services together and individually for your loved one.