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Benefit with our outstanding Elderly Care Services

Fantastic advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles have allowed us to live longer and more productive lives and this is a wonderful thing. However, as the population continues to age in record numbers, the need for senior care will multiply correspondingly. All the surveys, information and data gathered from various sources have shown us one thing for certain, seniors want to keep their independence and stay in their homes and familiar surroundings and we provide just that.

Sometimes the ones we love need our help later in life. But to what extent are we willing to offer this, is the most important question. Are you neglecting yourself in the process? Have you become exhausted? Angry? Sad? Or Overwhelmed? Something has to change. If you had some help to bring professional elderly care, how would you use it? You would rather spend time with your family and friends, enjoy your favorite pastimes, get a little time for yourself, and smile more often. You would make productive use of your valuable time and enjoy the little pleasures of life. We at iCare Home Health, your trusted senior care company in Burlington, offer this help with a loving heart. It’s never too late, let us help you.

To you it’s about keeping your parent at home. To us, it’s more than that…

The elderly population who often feel ignored and neglected. To have someone come in, who takes interest not only in elder care and fulfilling the assigned chores, but also have a personal interest in the person they are tending to, is just what makes all the difference.

To you it’s about finding a trusted friend. To us, it’s more than that…

Caring for seniors while helping them maintain a home-based lifestyle has been our mission from the very beginning. Our overall goal is to provide quality care with extra ordinary relationships and ultimately enhancing the lives of seniors.

As a local Senior care Burlington company, not only do we know what our client needs, but we also know the strengths of our care givers. This is not business for us. We are talking about people’s well being and therefore, it has to be well thought out and very careful. Just like you wouldn’t put your baby with just anybody, you won’t put your parents with just anybody and we at iCare Home Health understand that.

To you it’s about reliving stress. To us, it’s more than that…

Caregivers assist and stimulate our clients in a million ways. Sometimes talking, reading stories, watching TV, gardening or just being there silently can help make an ordinary day, a great day!
There is no real cookbook for how to be a caregiver. Our caregivers provide a difference, a difference sometimes too large to be measured in the life of another human being.

If you need help but you don’t know how to give it and someone else wants to provide help but doesn’t know how to offer it, we provide a bridge to help people match the resources with the needs.

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