Recreation Therapy Programs

Recreation Therapy Programs

Recreational therapy programs improve people’s quality of life on a physical, emotional, and social level by helping seniors and individuals with illnesses and/or disabilities engage in recreational activities. These activities may include arts and crafts, music, dance, sports, theatre, games, and community outings. The goal of these activities and outings is helping individuals enhance their ability to socialize, be active participants in society, and partake in fun activities that increase their overall enjoyment of life. Recreation therapy is a specialized form of therapy and is offered by professionals who are trained and certified to provide this treatment.

Who Will Benefit From Recreation Therapy

“Recreation therapy is a process that utilizes functional intervention, education, and recreational participation. It enables persons with physical, cognitive, emotional, and/or social limitations to acquire and/or maintain the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that will allow them to enjoy their leisure optimally, function independently with the least amount of assistance, and participate as fully as possible in society. Recreation therapy is provided by trained professionals in clinical and/or community settings.” – Therapeutic Recreation Ontario


Advantages Of Recreation Therapy

  • Focused attention on the individual’s unique needs, interests, and goals.
  • Improved cognitive and physical abilities.
  • Enhanced mood and confidence.
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, and bipolar disorder.
  • Increased community involvement, interpersonal skills, and ability to form relationships.
  • Greater quality of life and ability to live life to the fullest.

Recreation Therapy Services From iCare Home Health

iCare Home Health offers our clients the benefits of recreation therapy by providing services conducted by qualified and compassionate caregivers. To begin the process, one of our professional caregivers will conduct a needs assessment to determine the best therapeutic methods and activities for the individual. They’ll take the time to understand the client’s personal recreational interests and passions, and work to develop a trusting client/caregiver relationship. The caregiver and client will work together to plan therapy sessions while setting achievable goals and outcomes. The caregiver will document all activities engaged and measurable progress made by the client. They’ll also regularly review activities and goals to ensure that the client is satisfied with their development and continues to enjoy each therapeutic activity.

Contact iCare Home Health To Get Started

If you or your loved one struggle with physical disabilities, mental health issues, are recovering from an illness / medical event, or require specialized dementia care / Alzheimer’s care, contact iCare Home Health to learn more about our recreational therapy programs. All our professional services are provided by qualified and experienced at-home caregivers to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Call or email us today to learn more and receive a consultation.