Recreation Therapy For Seniors

Recreation Therapy For Seniors

If you are looking for senior home care in your local community, chances are you’ve researched the type of support available to assist seniors with their daily medical and physical needs. Ensuring that immediate needs are taken care of is very important, but after all the medical requirements are met, it is equally important to find recreational activities for seniors to participate in, regardless of their health conditions. Recreation therapy is a proven and effective way to support health, recovery and well-being.

Incorporating recreation therapy offers multiple benefits for seniors. Elder care can sometime become too focused on illness or on what the individual can no longer do, but recreation therapy allows seniors to enjoy activities that add positivity into their life.

Therapeutic Recreation also benefits

  • Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers.
  • Stroke patients
  • Acquired brain injury survivors.
  • People with mental health issues.
  • People with physical disabilities.

 Recreation Therapy For Seniors Care in Burlington

Here are four benefits that recreation therapy can offer seniors.

1. Improves Cognitive Function

With the right set of activities and a recreational therapist, it is possible to slow down cognitive decline. Therapeutic recreational activities help increase alertness, enhance problem-solving skills, and keep the mind stimulated.

2. Enhances Physical Health

Recreational therapy supports overcoming physical challenges due to ill health. Seniors can participate in activities that support their physical fitness through a customized program according to needs and abilities.

3. Increases Socialization

Depression and loneliness in seniors is a growing concern among the elderly. Recreation therapists offer companionship as well as access to group-related activities that help seniors feel connected to the community. Continuing to prioritize social skills by way of leisure activities keeps isolation and depression at bay.

Getting Started With Recreation Therapy

A specific process to determine the right type of recreation therapy for each senior client is used. As a senior home care provider for the Burlington and Oakville area, iCare Home Health recreation therapists start by conducting an assessment to determine the intervention needed. Over time, therapists develop a trusting relationship with their senior clients and work towards gaining an understanding of the client’s recreational interests and passions. Seniors will feel a sense of accomplishment as they work with their therapist towards achievable goals and celebrate progress.

To find out more about using recreation therapy to live life to its fullest, contact iCare Home Health.


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