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Advanced Foot Care Services are now offered at Shepherd Village Retirement in Scarborough.

Certified Foot Care Nurse

Certified Foot Care NurseHere We Grow Again!
We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our Advanced Foot Care clinic at the Health centre at Shepherd Village Retirement on the November 1st, 2019.

Serving Shepherd Village residents and the surrounding community in Scarborough, iCare Home Health exemplary Foot Care RPNs turn feet Happy with our Advanced Foot Care services.

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Why Medication Management Is So Important

Seniors are at a much higher risk of misusing or forgetting their medication than younger adults. To compound the problem, an IIRP study has found that 66 percent of seniors are taking 5 to 10 prescription medications, which also increases their odds of forgetting or mistaking one. 

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Dementia Care Advice For The Holidays

Dementia Care Tips The holidays can be a wonderful time spent with family and friends. However, when you’re making your holiday plans and want to include a loved one who is living with dementia, there are extra factors to consider. If they are currently receiving dementia care at home or other type of senior care, it’s important to know how to continue that care over the holidays, as well as what additional requirements they may have when being away from their normal environment and routine.

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Self-Care After Your Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes DiagnosisWorld Diabetes Day is in November, and if you’ve recently received a diabetes diagnosis, you may feel overwhelmed. You may hear conflicting information and not be sure what you should do next. We suggest you focus on your health, and take the time to learn how you can adjust your lifestyle and diet to ensure you live a long, happy life.

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Osteoporosis Awareness: When To See Your Doctor

Osteoporosis AwarenessFew people realize they have osteoporosis before they suffer a serious bone fracture or break. While osteoporosis is sometimes called a silent disease because it is rarely recognized, it does have symptoms and can be identified before you suffer an injury. For osteoporosis awareness month in November, we want to spread awareness of osteoporosis symptoms.

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Prostate Cancer Awareness: Signs And Symptoms To Watch For

Prostate Cancer AwarenessProstate cancer can be slow-growing, but it is important to get screened regularly so that it is detected as early as possible and appropriate action can be taken. Starting at the age of 50, men should be screened for prostate cancer every two to four years. Ideally, getting a baseline test in your forties is the best way to monitor any changes that may indicate the early stages of prostate cancer.

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Improve The Wellbeing of Dementia Patients With A Nurse At Home

Senior home care

Senior home care

Dementia is a term used to describe a variety of brain disorders that most typically affect older adults. Symptoms can include loss of memory, judgment and reasoning, and changes in both mood and behavior. When loved ones notice that a senior’s brain function is affected enough to interfere with their ability to safely complete everyday activities, it’s time to find out more about senior home care or other care options.

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Self-Care for Seniors

premier home care services
premier home care servicesInternational Self Care Day is fast approaching.
It’s a good time to review the efforts you take to maintain your mental, physical, and emotional health. For seniors, essential self-care can be a struggle due to physical limitations, isolation, and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.
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What Is Hypertension And Who Is At Risk?

Elder care OakvilleIt is possible to have hypertension for years without any symptoms. However, even without symptoms, damage to blood vessels and your heart will still take place. As we age, it is important to regularly visit a doctor to ensure that your blood pressure is under control. In the case of older adults, seniors may need live in care or some type of elder care support in order to ensure that they keep on top of medical appointments and any required follow up.

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Activities For Children With Autism

Premier Home Care ServicesAutism is a complex neurobiological and developmental disorder that is typically diagnosed in childhood, but can be diagnosed at any age. The most commonly recognized characteristics of autism include an impaired ability to communicate and relate to others socially, a restricted range of activities, and repetitive behaviours, such as following very specific routines.

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