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Home Care Services for Your Aging Parents

There will come a time when your senior parents will need more help and support. Even if you have the means and the ability to step in and care for your aging parents or relatives, being a caregiver is an enormous responsibility that is both physically and emotionally draining. While the public healthcare system offers some care to meet a person’s basic hygiene needs, most families recognize the need to supplement the public system with a combination of family caregiveing and seeking the help of a private home care agency.  Read More »

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How to Help the Elderly Avoid Isolation

As the Canadian population continues to age, so does the number of seniors who experience isolation. Unfortunately, loneliness and social isolation are quite common and can have a very large impact on both physical and mental health. With services designed to provide various levels of support, iCare Home Health works with seniors in Mississauga, Oakville and Milton, and can offer several tips on how to reduce the isolation your elderly loved ones may experience. Read More »

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Alzheimers Awareness

Alzheimer’s- Why Choose Live-In Care?

Alzheimer’s Disease: if you haven’t thought about it much, you might want to start. Especially if you are the caregiver for an elderly family member or friend. Currently, it is believed that 747,000 Canadians are suffering from Alzheimer’s; this number will go up to 1.4 million by 2031. It is a disease that we all need to be prepared for.

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Life Enhancing Tech Devices

Life Enhancing Tech Devices for Seniors

Technology is sometimes thought of as being only for the young, especially by seniors who didn’t grow up using all the gadgets we’re accustomed to today. However, technological advancements can be incredibly helpful to seniors to improve their happiness, sociability, physical health, and overall quality of life. What’s more, modern gadgets are typically user-friendly and don’t require much expertise to use. Here are the top three life-enhancing technology devices for seniors and their benefits.

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The Positive Effects Of iCare’s Expressive Art Program

If you are dealing with chronic illness, physical challenges or early stages of dementia, it can sometimes feel difficult to get excited about what lies ahead. In many cases, it may have been awhile since you’ve learned a new skill or participating in something that brings you happiness and joy. But it certainly doesn’t have to be that way! Thankfully just about everyone, even those who require live in care or the support of a health care agency, can benefit from participating in an expressive art program. Read More »

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Commonly Overlooked Risk Factors for Slips and Falls

Slips and fall accidents are one of the most common reasons seniors visit the emergency room. And as we age, the physical risks associated with falling increases due to decreased muscle mass, weight loss, and brittle bones. This can result in slip and fall accidents causing extended hospital stays, physical damaged, and emotional suffering. To prevent lasting damage, it’s important to respond to falls quickly and ensure that medical attention is swiftly received. Read More »

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Keep Watch for the Common Infections

While we are busy looking out for the big threats, the little ones can sneak up on us. Sometimes we become so preoccupied with preparing for large problems that we forget about the small, unexpected ones. And those little problems can be more dangerous. Read More »

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Multiple Sclerosis in the Elderly Patient

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the nervous system that affects the spinal cord and brain. To date, there is no definitive cause of MS, but it’s commonly accepted by researchers that MS is an autoimmune disease. While the average age of diagnosis is 28, symptoms can start to appear between the ages of 20-48years. Read More »

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Be the Light for a Senior this Holiday Season…

As we enter the month leading up to Christmas I am reminded that there are so many people, not just seniors who are without family or a support group. Christmas for many is a time of loneliness and even depression for some. Read More »

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Pancreatic Cancer

How To Reduce The Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer As You Age

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, almost 90% of Canadians who develop cancer are over the age of 50. More specifically, the average age upon receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is 71. Pancreatic cancer is the 12th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada, but it is the fourth leading cause of cancer related death.[1] Read More »

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