Top Emerging Digital Health Trends!

Top Emerging Digital Health Trends!

From virtual care clinics to online doctors, technology is all around us in healthcare.

At iCare Home Health, we are providers of at-home services such as personal support, nursing, elderly companions, and more. We continue to monitor the evolving technology tools that are advancing in the healthcare industry for patients and providers — both at home and in clinics.

1. Virtual Care Clinics

Through telemedicine, doctors are able to see patients virtually rather than in person. Online doctors became more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic when many clinics were closed. In fact, many patients noted that they now prefer virtual visits. Moving forward, post-pandemic, some doctors in Canada are saying there’s room for both in-person and virtual care.

2. Wearable Technology

Devices such as smartwatches offer a means for users to display some aspects of their well-being. For example, wearable technology can be used to monitor heart rate and sleep, along with tracking steps, physical activity, and more. As the devices and technology evolve, it’s anticipated that more seniors may take advantage of their benefits to stay on top of their health.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Revenue for the healthcare AI market is expected to surpass $34 billion worldwide by 2025. That’s a staggering statistic, but it’s no secret seeing as AI is increasingly being used to improve data analytics and to automate tasks. Key areas of healthcare to keep an eye on for AI usage include medical image analysis, medical diagnosis assistance, medical treatment recommendations, and more.

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

In many areas of healthcare, we are hearing about the uses of virtual reality. This includes medical training, patient treatment, managing pain, and many more. This technology allows a person to use a VR headset to simulate a situation in an interactive, computer-generated environment.

5. Healthcare Apps

During the COVID-19 pandemic, app usage surged 40 percent. Specifically, the pandemic presented a time when people began to spend more time on healthcare apps to focus on their emotional and physical health. These apps provide a means of basic virtual care when it comes to an individual’s well-being, focusing on fitness and exercise, meditation, breathing, yoga, and more.

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