Companion Care Scarborough

Companion Care Scarborough

For Scarborough seniors who choose to live at home, senior companionship programs offer many benefits — both for them and their families. Companions can help with many tasks and provide healthy interactions that can assist with a senior’s well-being. For families whose busy schedules may interfere with caregiving, elderly companions can offer peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and well.

At iCare Home Health, our companion services for seniors in Scarborough do just that. Through our Friend at Home program, we offer healthy interactions and activities that are vital for seniors’ emotional, mental, and physical health. For families, we ensure that our compassionate caregivers are looking out for their loved one’s safety at home and on outings.

If your family is in need of support with companionship and/or caregiving for an elderly loved one, know that you are not alone. With busy schedules, it can be hard to devote enough time to loved ones and that’s why support through iCare Home Health is an ideal choice. To learn more about our programs and companion services for seniors, reach out to our team.

What is Companion Care?

Private companions for elderly clients will visit seniors in their Scarborough home. This allows convenience for clients and families, with support available on an hourly basis or as needed.

Plus, at iCare Home Health, our senior companion care services are arranged based on preference and needs. We want to ensure our companions are well-matched with clients so that each senior enjoys their interactions. We do this by beginning with a free assessment where we evaluate home-support needs and personality preferences to arrange an ideal match.

Services and Types of Companion Care

If you’re not sure how a companion will support your loved one, consider the many uses of companion care. At home, companions will ensure all the little things around the home are taken care of. They can assist with light housework, meal preparation, and nutrition. Outside of the home, they can offer transportation to and from appointments and other outings so that seniors can get where they need to go.

At its core, elderly companion care in Scarborough is about companionship and conversation. Many seniors are more likely to participate in their favorite activities when they have someone to enjoy it with them. Companions offer this much-needed activity in support of retaining a senior’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Whether seniors enjoy going for walks, cooking, card games, or another hobby, they’ll have someone to enjoy these activities with.

Compassionate Companion Care in Scarborough

If you’re ready, to begin with, a free assessment for a companion caregiver in Scarborough, simply contact us at iCare Home Health. We will take the time to learn more about your family and the unique needs of your loved one so that we can arrange a custom caregiving plan.
Our team will discuss with you the cost of companion care, the types of services you need, and the frequency so that we can ensure our support aligns with what you’re looking for.
For senior companionship in Scarborough, contact us to learn more