Home Care Services in Oakville

Home Care Services in Oakville

iCare Home Health – Providing dependable, compassionate care & support

Home is where the memories are. It is where they tucked their kids into bed and read the same bedtime stories ten nights in a row. Where having peanut butter sandwiches together tasted just as good as Thanksgiving dinner and where they have their proudest moments. This isn’t just a house, this is their home and there’s no other place they’d rather be in.

iCare Home Health is a community non-medical Senior Care provider serving Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga. Our thoroughly trained caregivers provide assistance with activities of daily living, including companionship and hands on personal care services.

When your loved ones need help, so do you. But it must be the right sort of help given by the right people. People who care about your loved ones, as much as you do. Sometimes just a little extra help is all that is needed when the responsibilities of the home become a little challenging. Our home care services help seniors and the ones with disabilities cope with the activities of daily living. We specialize in Alzheimer’s, Dementia and daily essentials live-in care. We have the skills and understanding to help families and their loved ones through the difficulties and transitions. Providing dependable, compassionate care and support ensuring you remain as independent as possible and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that someone who cares is there with your loved ones, is our intention. We step in when you need to step out. Our qualified and skilled caregivers are chosen for their dedication and commitment. We personalize our senior home care  services starting with a free in home assessment and then carefully matching and introducing our professional caregivers. Our range of scheduling options will fit -your lifestyle and budgeting needs for short term and long-term care. Our caring and compassionate approach puts the well being of your loved ones above all.

Our trained care givers help seniors write letters, arrange appointments, take their medication, plant flowers, play cards, prepare meals and much more. Sometimes it’s just being there without saying a word. Most of all they provide companionship, conversation and peace of mind for family members. Caregivers are the heart of our services for seniors in Oakville, ON. Whether it is for 2 hours or 24 hours a day, they provide companionship, home care services and Alzheimer’s and Dementia care that touch lives in profound ways. Each day and each client is different, but one thing never changes, our caregivers get as much happiness as they give.

Offering the best care is not just about writing prescriptions, it is about letting the people live independently, feel confident and connected to their communities. That is why the government has increased the investment in home care services.

The Ontario government wants to invest an additional 260 million dollars in home and community health care services in 2013-14. From that, 185 million dollars will directly go to home care services and various services for seniors. The additional investment would help reduce wait time across Ontario. This will definitely help us transform the ongoing health system to meet the needs of the population today. Focusing more on the community helps us to get people out of the hospital more quickly, prevent admission to the hospital and keeping them home, where they want to be. Putting the right resources in the right places will help us pave the path towards a brighter future.