Diabetic Foot Care Treatment in Pickering, ON

Diabetic Foot Care Treatment in Pickering, ON

Seniors who have been diagnosed and living with diabetes often suffer from nerve damage called neuropathy, this prevents them from feeling their feet. This means that may miss cuts or scrapes that have occurred, which can lead to serious infections. To protect your feet and your general health, you or a professional should provide you with diabetic foot care once a month or once a week. The most important part of foot care is a visual and hand inspection.

How Diabetics Can Spot Foot Care Problems

When you can’t feel your feet very well, you need to inspect them visually and with your hands once per day. If you cannot reach or see them, a certified nurse in Pickering can do this for you. Here’s what you’ll be looking for:

  • Cuts: Even small cuts and scrapes can be troubling to a diabetic who is more vulnerable to infection than your average person. Have a professional clean and dress them.
  • Corns: Corns are thick patches of dead skin. They may be discoloured and should be removed.
  • Blisters: Do not pop a blister if you find one. Diabetics have a difficult time healing from burst blisters.
  • Ingrown nails: This is where your nail is growing into your skin. A professional can resolve this for you and prevent it from becoming more painful.
  • Redness: You may see redness or may feel swelling as you check your feet. Either may be a sign of an injury.
  • Calluses: Calluses are thickened skin. While painless, they should be filed down by a professional. Uncared for calluses can lead to corns.

When to Get Professional Help

Diabetes and foot care are a troubling combination. If you are a diabetic, you’ll need professional treatment for all foot care problems, including small scrapes and blisters. If the blister pops, it could lead to infection. If you leave cuts and scrapes, you may not feel if they get worse. Further, corns and calluses are best removed by professionals in a sterile environment.

At iCare Home Health, we offer professional support for diabetes and foot care in Pickering to help you get the quality care you deserve.

Our Diabetic Foot Care Services

As diabetes and foot care specialists, our certified caregivers and nurses offer everything from nail trimming, treating corns, calluses, ingrown nails, thickened nails, and orthotics fitting with the special standard of care that diabetics need.

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