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Bladder Cancer Awareness: What You Need To Know

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Bladder cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the bladder. The fifth most common cancer in Canada, with close to 9,000 new cases every year, bladder cancer ranks as the fourth most common cancer in men and twelfth most common cancer in women*. Because bladder cancer is most frequently diagnosed in the older population, those supporting elder care, such as home care services and live in caregivers, need to ensure that they know what symptoms to watch for. Read More »

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8 Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age

Brain Healthy As You Age

While your brain changes with age, cognitive impairment is not an unavoidable part of getting older. Maintaining healthy habits can help keep your brain healthy and active, no matter what your age. Here are eight ways you can maintain your overall brain health and decrease your risk of age-related cognitive decline:

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How to Care For Senior’s Mental Health

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Over the last decade, mental health has become a much bigger part of the conversation when it comes to an individual’s overall health and wellness. This positive recognition has allowed mental health diagnosis, treatments, and therapies to become more accepted and accessible. While this change is important for people of all ages, caregivers need to be particularly diligent when watching for mental health changes in senior loved ones. Read More »

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Home Care Services for Aging Parents

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There will come a time when your senior parents will need more help and support. Even if you have the means and the ability to step in and care for your aging parents or relatives, being a caregiver is an enormous responsibility that is both physically and emotionally draining. While the public healthcare system offers some care to meet a person’s basic hygiene needs, most families recognize the need to supplement the public system with a combination of family caregiveing and seeking the help of a private home care agency.  Read More »

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The Positive Effects Of iCare’s Expressive Art Program

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If you are dealing with chronic illness, physical challenges or early stages of dementia, it can sometimes feel difficult to get excited about what lies ahead. In many cases, it may have been awhile since you’ve learned a new skill or participating in something that brings you happiness and joy. But it certainly doesn’t have to be that way! Thankfully just about everyone, even those who require live in care or the support of a health care agency, can benefit from participating in an expressive art program. Read More »

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