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The Importance of Family for a Senior’s Well Being

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One of the great joys of becoming a senior is reaping the benefits of the things you have built or achieved over your lifetime. For many seniors, the most precious gift is they have built is a family. Keeping in close contact with children and grandchildren is enriching for the elderly, and many fear that they are no longer a part of the family if they go into an assisted living program. Read More »

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Three Things About Senior Home Care That You Should Know

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As providers of home care in Oakville, the iCare Home Health team has heard all kinds of confusion about just what home care is and how it benefits the seniors who receive it. Family members and their loved ones are rightfully stressed when considering their home care options. This is a tough period of life, but it can also be the most rewarding time if the senior gets the support they need. At iCare Home Health, we believe that our flexible, thorough home care services provide that support best. Here are the three key things you need to know about senior home care. Read More »

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Bladder Cancer Awareness: What You Need To Know

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Bladder cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the bladder. The fifth most common cancer in Canada, with close to 9,000 new cases every year, bladder cancer ranks as the fourth most common cancer in men and twelfth most common cancer in women*. Because bladder cancer is most frequently diagnosed in the older population, those supporting elder care, such as home care services and live in caregivers, need to ensure that they know what symptoms to watch for. Read More »

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