Three Things About Senior Home Care That You Should Know

Three Things About Senior Home Care That You Should Know

As providers of home care in Oakville, the iCare Home Health team has heard all kinds of confusion about just what home care is and how it benefits the seniors who receive it. Family members and their loved ones are rightfully stressed when considering their home care options. This is a tough period of life, but it can also be the most rewarding time if the senior gets the support they need. At iCare Home Health, we believe that our flexible, thorough home care services provide that support best. Here are the three key things you need to know about senior home care.

Senior Home Care Supports Your Independence

Some seniors believe that getting a bit of help in their home undermines their independence, and thus they resist getting the home care they need. However, getting help with the occasional tasks you can no longer perform helps you save your energy for the things you enjoy, and stay safe in your home long after you would have been able to otherwise. Trust us, there are many people in retirement communities who wish they chose to start with senior home care first or earlier.

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The Benefits of Home Care Are More Than Physical

Often, we hear of the physical benefits of senior home care. Sure, there are many physical benefits, including getting proper nutrition, having the sink fixed for you, or not having to do laundry anymore.

However, the emotional and mental benefits of senior home care are just as important. Our home care providers become your companions and provide emotional support and mental exercise. Your caregiver can also bring you to social events, or help you host them. This helps curb feelings of isolation and loneliness that too often plague our seniors.

You Can Get Qualified Care from Your Home

iCare Home Health has qualified caregivers that can provide a level of support you might think you could only get at a hospital or at a senior living community. If you choose us, your home care in Oakville can involve personal support workers, nurses and/ or qualified recreational therapy providers.

Our nurse at home services is particularly popular. We can have a nurse provide you with hospital discharge and follow-up care, IV therapy, wound management, footcare, and even handle complex medical issues and disabilities.

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