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Exciting Updates To iCare Home Health’s Health Espresso

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iCare Home Health is proud to broadcast the public launch of their Health Espresso app for Android and IOS. Health Espresso is currently available to iCare Home Health patients, and in spring 2018 will be free for public download.

The app was created by iCare Home Health to track their clients’ medication adherence and body vitals to prevent a critical health event. The public launch will include some major and exciting updates, including the integration of artificial intelligence and a web portal. Read More »

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Home Care Services for Aging Parents

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There will come a time when your senior parents will need more help and support. Even if you have the means and the ability to step in and care for your aging parents or relatives, being a caregiver is an enormous responsibility that is both physically and emotionally draining. While the public healthcare system offers some care to meet a person’s basic hygiene needs, most families recognize the need to supplement the public system with a combination of family caregiveing and seeking the help of a private home care agency.  Read More »

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Commonly Overlooked Risk Factors of Slip and Falls

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Slips and fall accidents are one of the most common reasons seniors visit the emergency room. And as we age, the physical risks associated with falling increases due to decreased muscle mass, weight loss, and brittle bones. This can result in slip and fall accidents causing extended hospital stays, physical damaged, and emotional suffering. To prevent lasting damage, it’s important to respond to falls quickly and ensure that medical attention is swiftly received. Read More »

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