Exciting Updates To iCare Home Health’s Health Espresso

Exciting Updates To iCare Home Health’s Health Espresso

iCare Home Health is proud to broadcast the public launch of their Health Espresso app for Android and IOS. Health Espresso is currently available to iCare Home Health patients, and in spring 2018 will be free for public download.

The app was created by iCare Home Health to track their clients’ medication adherence and body vitals to prevent a critical health event. The public launch will include some major and exciting updates, including the integration of artificial intelligence and a web portal.

“We wanted to launch an app to better serve our clients with remote monitoring. And now it’s being extended beyond our clients to the public at large,” said Rick Menassa, President of iCare Home Health.

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Health Espresso was originally created to allow families the ability to remotely monitor their loved one’s health while under the care of iCare Home Health.

“We had clients whose loved ones moved away for work, but they wanted updates on the client’s daily health. We decided to leverage technology to give them real-time tracking of their loved one’s wellbeing. The goal was to empower them to make informed decisions, and give us directions as to how to manage their loved one’s healthcare plan,” said Menassa.

Health Espresso’s Features Include:

  • Audible medication reminders with dosage information.
  • The ability to receive, populate, and track consumer medication intake through Bluetooth pairing.
  • The addition of a secondary user who may be assigned to monitor medication intake and ensure adherence.
  • Auto refill medications at the user’s selected pharmacy.
  • Real-time notification of body vitals, such as pulse rate, blood pressure, and more.
  • Location-based linking to the nearest pharmacy, hospital or health facility.

While health monitoring apps provide a multitude of benefits, the biggest benefit of Health Espresso is it’s focus on prevention over treatment. Because the app allows users and their loved ones to independently monitor vitals and medical adherence, users can see when an issue arises and take the necessary steps to prevent a critical health event. For instance, if the user’s blood pressure is noted to be consistently high, they can contact their medical professional and start medication to lower their blood pressure. This emphasis on prevention can help people avoid the occurrence of more serious health events, such as a stroke or heart attack.

“A stroke patient loses their mobility in many cases and it’s usually irreversible. If you monitor your health and you can see that your blood pressure is going in the wrong direction, you can take steps to prevent a stroke and still live with the same quality of life, instead of dealing with the effects of a stroke,” said Menassa. “We want all Canadians to be proactive in caring for their health, so they can live healthier lifestyles.”

The biggest step people can take to live healthier lifestyles is taking responsibility for their health. People who use iCare Home Health’s Health Espresso app to monitor their medication and body vitals have the knowledge necessary to improve and extend their quality of life.

“At iCare Home Health, the emphasis on prevention vs. treatment is important to us. We want all Canadians to be proactive in caring for their health, so they can live healthier lifestyles,” said Menassa.

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