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iCare Home Health is pleased to bring you the August 2017 issue of our Newsletter, a great source of news and updates about healthy aging, community events and family caregiving. Please share this with your friends and family. For past issues, visit our site

NEW Service: Therapeutic Recreation at Home

iCare Home Health sets itself apart by presenting creative and innovative options for its client. 
“We successfully piloted Therapeutic Recreation for six months among customers from different age groups ranging from 5 to 85 years old. 1:1 focussed recreation activity delivered on our mental and physical stimulation focus with improved self esteem, improved social skills lower anxiety and depression among some of the benefits. The Care Plans are customized to individual needs and preferences. The benefits of Therapeutic Recreation for children dealing with Autism, Alzheimer sufferers, stroke affected patients and others are aligned with our goal to enhance the quality of life across the five domains of human functionality” says Rick Menassa, President, iCare Home Health. To learn more about our new Therapeutic Recreation service. click here. 

Hepatitis – 
 What You Need to Know

It may be in you right now and you don’t even know it. As you read this, a strain of hepatitis may be attacking your liver and breaking down its functions. If left unchecked, hepatitis can lead to health issues, cancer, cirrhosis, and death. We have all heard of hepatitis and some of us have probably even received vaccinations for it before going abroad. But, how much do you really know about the different strains of hepatitis? Time to get educated. Knowledge is power and an ounce of                                                                                                prevention is worth a pound of cure. Learn More

Communication Strategies for Dementia Patients

Everyone has been in a situation where they feel misunderstood. It’s frustrating! If you are caring for someone who suffers from dementia, remembering a time when you felt that you couldn’t express yourself or no one understood you, can be helpful. Patients who suffer from dementia feel that frustration every single day and need your help to make it easier on them. There are many resources in Mississaugaand Halton for caregivers providing dementia care. Having live in care or a premier homecare serviceare other ways to support your loved one dealing with dementia. Learn More


It’s Just Good Mental Health

Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes. That’s all you need every day. Just a few minutes to help improve your mental health. It’s amazing how little time we need for self-care but how so few of us actually do it. Some people don’t bother with self-care because they feel that they do not need it; in their minds, they are completely healthy and self-care would be an indulgent waste of time.


A Caring Primer:

How To Be Helpful

I usually use these pages to write about elder care. Today, however, I am appropriating this space to catalogue some of the unhelpful things people have said to me concerning my mother’s death. Oh, I realize that no one was deliberately cruel or thoughtless. Death makes many of us pretty uncomfortable.
Please don’t tell me that my mother is “in a better place now.” There is only one place I want my mom to be and that is with me.

Learn More

Spotlight on Technology

What AI-enhanced health care could look like in 5 years

This summer, KPCB partner Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report singled out healthcare as a sector ripe with opportunity. The report proposed that the healthcare market, driven by a number of converging technologies, is approaching a “digital inflection point” and is currently positioned for rapid growth.
This is an understatement. Learn More

In Our Community

PWC Epic Tour Halton
Epic Tour Halton supports Oakville Hospital, Georgetown Hospital, Milton District Hospital and Joseph Brant Hospital FoundationsPwC Epic Tour has donated and/or helped raise a total of more than $400,000 for charity in 3 years.Neither a pledge ride nor a race, PwC Epic Tour is a lifestyle event that promises a great day on the bike as well as a great post ride off-the-bike experience. The Finish Line Festival features live music, 50 exhibitors, complimentary rider food and a free Steam Whistle beer! Epic Tour fun is on September 10, rain or shine. Learn more   Click here to Register

iCare Home Health is an Official Supplier of Epic Tour  

iCARE Expressive Art Program (iCEAP)

Expressive art making enriches our lives. Painting, drawing, and sculpture can be used to communicate ideas, stimulate the senses and touch our emotions. Have some fun by exploring the use of different art materials.

Expressive art making can have a positive effect on your health. The iCare Expressive Art Program (iCEAP) is a support service facilitated by our Artist in Residence. She is a practicing professional artist with graduate level training in counseling and art therapy.Learn More

iCare Home Health and iCare Navigator endeavour to provide our clients the tools to help meet their varied health care needs. The services on the resources page are offered by community (private or non-profit), provincial or national agencies and could be accessed separately or in different combinations based on patient and family needs. 

However we also know that every situations is different, and you may require iCare Navigator services to assess your personal situation! Nominal service fees maybe applicable for iCare Navigator support services. For more information, please complete and submit the “Contact an Advocate” form on this page. 


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