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                                       July 2016


iCare Home Health is pleased to bring you the July 2016 issue of our Newsletter, a great source of news and updates about healthy aging, community events and family caregiving. Please share this with your friends and family.

How to Survive a Caregiver Experience

Many of us will reach a point in our lives where we will have to devote time and energy to the care of a loved one. Some of us are already there. Whether it is a parent, spouse, or another close relative, it is always a challenge. Giving full-time care can be a mentally and physically draining experience. However, there is always relief. You don’t have to do it alone. You can get help. When time comes to act as a caregiver to a loved one, many people shift into complete selfless mode and try to take on the entire endeavour on their own. They completely put their focus on their loved one’s needs and neglect their own personal lives and relationships.
Learn More 

Is Everything In Order?

We all talk about our last days and what we think we may want them to look like but are we ever really fully prepared?  This shouldn’t be something we think about when we are sick and have other things on our minds.  We need to put a plan together when we are of able mind and body so we can rest knowing our wishes will be fulfilled and our loved ones know what to do.. Learn More

Did you know that there is a day each year dedicated to self-care? This year, International Self-Care day takes place on July 24, 2016 and the theme is ‘Get better with Self-Care’.
If you’ve been on an airplane, you can recall the safety instructions given before takeoff. Flight attendants demonstrate how to use the oxygen masks, how they should be deployed, and the rule is to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else. It becomes very hard, if not impossible, to help others if we neglect to help ourselves first. Caring for yourself is arguably one of the most important (but unfortunately one of the most often forgotten) things you can do as a caregiver. It can feel challenging to make self-care a priority, but when you do, the person you care for, will benefit too. Learn More

Grooming for the Elderly

Day-to-day living gets more difficult with age. We all know this; no one needs a reminder. But, unless you are there, we don’t realize how the daily actions we take for granted now, can become more challenging. From daily chores to picking up the grandchildren, our daily lives can be physically straining. Regular grooming and bathing are other activities that can be difficult for seniors. Even though grooming and hygiene can become more of a challenge for our loved ones, it is more important than ever to maintain it, not just for personal dignity, but also for health reasons.
Spotlight on Technology

Healthcare Innovation: How 2016 trends are already evolving

Four trends indicative of the coming surge in healthcare innovation and shift to value-based care. Delving deeper into those drivers of innovation, we have already witnessed examples and proof that the trends for 2016 are underway-and that the year ahead promises great progress with the potential only technology can provide.. 
1. Patients’ expectations for care and care delivery are changing, and will force the industry to change. 
2. We are going to see the evolution and increased sophistication of remote clinical technology.
3. Providers are going to begin seriously tackling long-standing interoperability and data access challenges.
4. There is going to be a shift in payment models to drive an outcome-based healthcare economy. Learn More 

iCare health espresso
Exclusive Sneak Peak July 12

On July 12, were honoured to host a very select few industry, government and community leaders to get an exclusive sneak peak of our app, health espresso. 

health espresso mission is to  leverage technology to promote prevention by virtually monitoring patient’s medication adherence and tracking their body readings to reduce critical health
events leading to hospital admissions.

Stay tuned for the full rollout. 

In Our Community

Presented by Mississauga Board of Trade’s 
                 Health and Wellness Forum. 
Work/life balance is a reality we all face every single day.  Is a balanced life a myth? Or is there more to it? Join us for a day of an interactive reality check to answer “what is my balance?” and “what is a strategic solution that is right for me and for my organization?”

The event’s speakers are physicians and specialists that advocate for those of us struggling.  They will shed light on the crippling lie of maintaining a positive balance of life and work and more importantly provide useful answers.  Our workshop is designed to uncover personal areas of vulnerability.  
Finally, our experts will arm you with practical, constructive ideas and actionable solutions that are surprisingly doable so you can immediately start healing and enjoying life and work.
and help grow your business.   Information and Tickets
iCare Home Health is the Event Sponsor

Snap’d Oakville Charity Golf Tournament

On July 5th, iCare Home Health, and other community businesses, took part in supporting the 2nd annual Oakville Charity Golf Tournament for the benefit of both: 
  • Oakville Hospital Foundation and, 
  • Easter Seals Ontario. 
In a 30C heat, our cool green sunglasses SWAG items were popular for those who came without proper eye protection. Some may claim that our glasses improved their game!! Who are we to argue 😉 Learn More

iCare Therapeutic Art Program (TAP)

Expressive art making can have a therapeutic effect on a person’s health. This basic premise is the foundation on which we have developed the Therapeutic Art Program (TAP) as part of the iCare Cognitive Stimulation support service. The program is facilitated by an Artist in Residence who is a practicing artist with graduate level training in art therapy…Learn More

iCare Navigator Resources
     iCare Navigator: 
Concierge Health – Coming Soon!

iCare Home Health and iCare Navigator endeavour to provide our clients the tools to help meet their varied health care needs. The services on the resources page are offered by community (private or non-profit), provincial or national agencies and could be accessed separately or in different combinations based on patient and family needs. 

However we also know that every situations is different, and you may require iCare Navigator services to assess your personal situation! Nominal service fees maybe applicable for iCare Navigator support services. For more information, please complete and submit the “Contact an Advocate” form on this page. 

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