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iCare Home Health is pleased to bring you the July 2018 issue of our Newsletter, a great source of news and updates about healthy aging, community events and family caregiving.   Please share this with your friends and family. For past issues, visit our site

Improve The Wellbeing of Dementia Patients With A Nurse At Home
Dementia is a term used to describe a variety of brain disorders that most typically affect older adults. Symptoms can include loss of memory, judgment and reasoning, and changes in both mood and behaviour. When loved ones notice that a senior’s brain function is affected enough to interfere with their ability to safely complete everyday activities, it’s time to find out more about senior home care or other care options.

Seniors And Hepatitis- What You Need To Know
When it comes to aging, there is a lot to be said for being proactive and for taking an active role in managing and supporting your health. World Hepatitis Day takes place annually on July 28th, and while you may not think that seniors need to be aware or concerned about hepatitis, older adults are actually more likely to have the disease that any other age group. So, even if you’ve taken the time to ensure your senior loved one is benefiting from companion care or premier home care, have you also made sure they’ve been tested for hepatitis? 


Self-Care for Seniors

International Self Care Day takes place on July 24th every year. It’s a good time to review the efforts you take to maintain your mental, physical, and emotional health. For seniors, essential self care can be a struggle due to physical limitations, isolation, and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. The International Self Care Foundation has established seven key elements of maintaining health and wellbeing:

Spotlight on Travel

Bon Voyage with Elderly Parents – Worth repeating
The lure of soft sandy beaches… Or maybe you’ve been wanting to spend some time at a cottage. Does the open highway call you to take a road trip? But no. You can’t go anywhere. Mom or Dad needs your help. You can’t possibly go away.
Well, actually, you can! It takes some planning and forethought, but you CAN travel with your elderly parent. Last year, I spent time in Granada, a Caribbean island, with Mom. And I took her to a cottage, too, for two weeks. Now, you might think I’m a little crazy, and perhaps that is true. 

In Our Community

Seniors Month 2018


2018 marks the 34th annual Seniors’ Month. This year’s theme, “Now’s the time to start something new,” highlights how aging does not prevent any of us from leading fulfilling lives.

Seniors continue to contribute to our community and we can all benefit from their wisdom, friendship, and experience.

The iCare Home Health returned for the 5th year celebrating our Seniors at the Cawthra Seniors Community Centre.

Active seniors that visited the iCare Home Health table were in for the usual teats and free gifts. On Monday…we had the pleasure of sponsoring the pizza lunch to all the young at heart that were celebrating with us. 

iCARE Expressive Art Program (iCEAP)

Expressive art making enriches our lives. Painting, drawing, and sculpture can be used to communicate ideas, stimulate the senses and touch our emotions. Have some fun by exploring the use of different art materials.
Expressive art making can have a positive effect on your health. The iCare Expressive Art Program (iCEAP) is a support service facilitated by our Artist in Residence. She is a practicing professional artist with graduate level training in counseling and art therapy.Learn More

iCare Home Health and iCare Navigator endeavour to provide our clients the tools to help meet their varied health care needs. The services on the resources page are offered by community (private or non-profit), provincial or national agencies and could be accessed separately or in different combinations based on patient and family needs. 
However we also know that every situations is different, and you may require iCare Navigator services to assess your personal situation! Nominal service fees maybe applicable for iCare Navigator support services. For more information, please complete and submit the “Contact an Advocate” form on this page. 


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