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                                       November 2016


iCare Home Health is pleased to bring you the November 2016 issue of our Newsletter, a great source of news and updates about healthy aging, community events and family caregiving. Please share this with your friends and family.

iCare Expressive Art Program (EAP)

Expressive art making enriches our lives. Painting, drawing, and sculpture can be used to communicate ideas, stimulate the senses and touch our emotions. Have some fun by exploring the use of different art materials.

Expressive art making can have a positive effect on your health. The iCare Expressive Art Program (iCEAP) is a support service facilitated by our Artist in Residence. She is a practicing professional artist with graduate level training in counseling and art therapy.Learn More

Crohn’s & Colitis! Left untreated may lead to Cancer

Crohn’s is “an inflammatory disease of the bowel that affects the intestinal lining causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, loss of appetite, weight loss and fever.”   Sadly 1 in 150 Canadians are affected by this disease and if left untreated can lead to Cancer…Learn More


Vision Problems, Symptoms and Solutions in Aging Adults

It is no surprise that as you age, your body changes. Around the age of 40, you may notice that reading small print becomes trickier, colors aren’t as easy to distinguish and glare might bother you a bit more. These are all normal changes to your eye sight as you age. But what other signs and symptoms do you need to be aware of that may indicate   more serious sight and vision problems?. Learn More

Overcoming the Fear of Falling

Imagine being afraid of getting up to walk to the kitchen or feeling trepidation of checking the mail? Just think of how it would be if you were filled with fear every time the temperature dropped below freezing? If you have a fear of falling, these are all real situations. This is the reality for 1.5 million seniors in Canada.

Falling is an everyday reality for Canadian seniors.  As we age, the likelihood of falling and being injured increases every year. Learn More

Three Diabetes Myths Debunked

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, there are 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease, in which not enough insulin is produced or the body cannot properly use the insulin it does produce. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood.
There are two main types of diabetes:… Learn More

A Letter from our President

iCare Home Health launched with a fresh approach to home health care services and caregiver programs to help keep loved ones, young or old in their homes while they recuperate from injury, recover from medical condition or just enjoy life wherever they call Home.

Our mission is to deliver “Best in Class” personalized home health care services. We knew from the start that this can only be accomplished by listening to our clients’ feedback and needs, then, responding by being creative, innovative and leveraging the advances in technology that can benefit older adults and our ever-growing broader range of clients. 
Spotlight on Technology

Digital Health Trends – Where It Is Taking Us

Time to catch up on the latest digital health innovations, again! You may feel that last year’s research into digital health trends brought you up to speed, but things are moving at lightning-quick speed and notupdating yourself may mean that you lose out on some important digital health information for yourself, and more importantly, for your elderly loved one. So, let’s take a look at some of the more significant digital health trends and how they are transforming healthcare:. Learn More

In Our Community

The 15th Annual Veteran’s Appreciation Luncheon
Celebrate Our Nation’s Heroes

On November 7th from 11:30-2:00pm, Access-Abilities team, under Kristin Courtney’s leadership, will host approximately 800 Veterans and their families for a Commemorative Ceremony lunch to honour our Veterans who served to give us the freedom that we enjoy today. To register, contact Kristin Courtney at (905) 825-5335 x 300
iCare Navigator Resources

iCare Home Health and iCare Navigator endeavour to provide our clients the tools to help meet their varied health care needs. The services on the resources page are offered by community (private or non-profit), provincial or national agencies and could be accessed separately or in different combinations based on patient and family needs. 

However we also know that every situations is different, and you may require iCare Navigator services to assess your personal situation! Nominal service fees maybe applicable for iCare Navigator support services. For more information, please complete and submit the “Contact an Advocate” form on this page. 


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