4 Simple Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Heart

4 Simple Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Heart

As we age, understanding how to prevent cardiovascular disease is a must. Do you know how to reduce your risk factors? Heart disease affects both men and women and is a result of your arteries narrowing which restricts the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients.  Failing to support your heart health can result in high blood pressure, artery disease, strokes or heart attacks.

to Improve the Health of Your Heart


Thankfully, there are actually several simple ways to improve your heart health and reduce your risk factors. Read below to discover some tips you can incorporate into your life, starting today!

  1. Know Your Numbers: It is important to regularly get your blood work done to monitor cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels and get your blood pressure checked. Once you enter your 60’s, ask your doctor about getting an ankle-brachial index test done. This test assesses pulses in your feet to help diagnose peripheral artery disease (PAD), a cardiovascular disease where plaque builds up in the leg arteries.
  2. Reduce Your Salt Intake: Eating less sodium can reduce risk levels for all types of heart disease. Did you know that even if you never use a salt shaker, you’re probably getting too much sodium? It is recommended that adults eat a maximum of 1,500 mg/day sodium in an effort to achieve ideal cardiovascular health. [1] Make sure to read your food labels!
  3. Get More Exercise: Find 30 minutes a day to be active. Did you know you can even divide 30 minutes into three 10 minute sessions or two 15 minute sessions? It really is that easy to get some physical activity in.  If you are finding it challenging to do on your own, find some support through a friend or look into senior home healthcare services that can help you or your loved one remain active.
  4. Add A Splash Of Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil can protect red blood cells from damage! Red blood cells are your body’s oxygen carriers so keeping them healthy can reduce your risk for heart disease. However, if the oil is heated too high you will lose the benefits you are after, so the best way to ingest it is to drizzle it over something like quinoa or whole wheat pasta or use it to make a yummy salad dressing.

As we age, it can be harder to manage all the elements required to keep healthy and stay strong. Researching options such as live in care services, home healthcare services or other support and care services for the elderly can provide a wide range of options that can promote good health and quality of life.  Seeking out extra help can also reduce stress in caregivers and seniors which is also good for the heart!

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[1] http://sodiumbreakup.heart.org/sodium-411/sodium-and-your-health/



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