4 Ways Companion Care for the Elderly Makes Life Better

4 Ways Companion Care for the Elderly Makes Life Better
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Continuing to live at home or “aging in place” is a lifestyle many older adults prefer. It allows them to remain independent in a familiar, comfortable environment. However, some seniors may need a helping hand to sustain this lifestyle.

Services provided by elderly companions will offer healthy interactions and activities to support a senior’s well-being. These services provide many benefits, both for seniors and their families.

If you are looking for a companion for an elderly loved one in your family, below are four key ways they can offer support.

1. Companion Care and Emotional Support

Young or old, social interaction is essential for everyone. It can help with emotional and mental health and boost a person’s quality of life. For seniors, this interaction remains critical.

Elderly companions can offer their friendship and participate in a senior’s favorite activities. This may include games, hobbies, sports, day trips, and more. Plus, companions are typically matched with clients based on preferences and interests to ensure the interactions are enjoyable and beneficial.

2. Light Housekeeping

For seniors who may need a little help around the house, elderly companions can assist with light chores. These services are valuable to maintain a safe, comfortable home environment for each senior, from meal preparation to light housekeeping.

3. Transportation with Companion Care

Companions can help seniors get where they need to go. Attending social events, gatherings, and medical appointments is vital for a senior’s well-being. That’s why companions are available to provide transportation and see that their clients arrive at their destination safely.

4. Support for Families

When an elderly loved one is in the care of a trusted companion, their families will receive peace of mind. They can also be assured that the home environment will be safe and tidy, thanks to the caregiver’s support. For families providing caregiving on their own, services from an elderly companion also allow members of the family a chance to rest and recharge.

Contact iCare Home Health for Companion Care Services

iCare Home Health, located in Oakville, ON, offers a Friend at Home program to support the well-being of seniors and their families. We know that maintaining social interactions is vital at any age and that the above benefits are critical to improving a senior’s quality of life.

If you’re looking to get started with companion care, reach out to us for a free assessment. Our compassionate caregiving team in Oakville, ON will consult with you to learn more about your family’s needs.


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