5 MUST Know Benefits of Companion Care

5 MUST Know Benefits of Companion Care

We hear from many families in the Oakville area who worry about leaving their elderly loved ones alone. It can be difficult to spend time with an aging family member when work and other commitments get in the way. But if tasks are starting to become difficult for the senior in your life, it’s time to look into companion care.

If you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, or is a senior in need of company, home companions for the elderly provide some much-needed benefits.

  1. Mental and Physical Stimulation

One of the greatest benefits of senior companion care is one-on-one attention. As we age, our brain function and activity levels drop. A companion can help to keep your loved one active through individual conversation and mobility.

  1. Companionship

When you’re rushing between business meetings and social events, you won’t always find time to share with ageing family members. If you can’t be present as often as you’d like, a companion’s company will ensure your loved ones aren’t left alone all day and are benefitting from much-needed stimulus.

  1. Transportation to and From Appointments

Many home companions for the elderly will drive your loved one to and from various locations. This may include a doctor’s office, grocery store or community centre. This service is especially helpful for seniors who can no longer drive due to vision loss and other impairments.

  1. Recreation in or Out of the Home

It’s important for seniors to maintain their activity levels. Whether they enjoy playing cards, going for walks around Oakville, baking or another hobby, senior companion care will ensure they still enjoy their favourite tasks — but with company and assurance of safety.

  1. Light Housekeeping

If your loved one needs help around the house, many companions assist with cooking, some cleaning and even personal care. This will give you peace of mind that not only is your elderly family member in good hands, but their house is being cared for too.

Being able to maintain independence and stay active will keep your elderly family members feeling young. Knowing that they have a trusted companion to do this with may be the biggest benefit of all. If you’re looking to hire a companion for someone in your family, contact with iCare Home Health in Oakville at (647) 492-1486 or email info@icarehomehealth.ca to learn about the Friend at Home caregiver program.


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