Healthy Senior Home Care: 5 Things Seniors Should Do Each Day

Healthy Senior Home Care: 5 Things Seniors Should Do Each Day

The key to good health lies in what you do each day and spring is the perfect time to pick up some healthy new habits. Here are a few things that you can encourage the seniors in your life to do each day to keep both their bodies and their minds in peak health:

Get Active: Exercise has a multitude of health benefits for people of every age. It’s not necessary to go engage in strenuous activities to see results – even low impact exercise daily is enough. Have your loved one start with an activity that they enjoy like swimming, badminton, or yoga and build from there. Encourage them to have fun with it!

Stay Healthy

Stimulate Your Mind: Daily mental exercise can help them stay sharp as they age. Like the rest of the body, the brain needs exercise to stay healthy. Some activities that can help seniors strengthen their cognitive skills include puzzles, reading, playing games, or even doing crafts.

Drink Lots Of Water: While drinking enough water will is good for everyone’s overall health and well-being, for seniors it is essential to preventing dehydration and other serious complications. Most people should aim for about six to eight cups of water each day, but people who are consuming a lot of fibre or are on medication may want to drink even more.

Take Care Of Your Feet: When you think about all the places that your feet take you, it makes you wonder why we don’t invest more time into caring for them. What better way to show someone that you care than treating them to a pedicure? Foot care doesn’t have to be elaborate; just moisturizing your skin, taking care of toe nails, and checking for injuries is often enough.

Manage Your Stress: We all experience stress in different ways, but when it is not managed effectively, it can drastically impact our health. Many seniors are stressed about their health, family, and finances. While some of these issues are complicated and upsetting, there are things that they can be doing each day that will serve as an outlet for their stress. Whether it’s meeting up with friends, spending time with animals, painting a picture, or gardening, if it makes you forget about what’s bothering you, it’s probably good for your health.

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