7 Steps to Staying Healthy During FLU Season

7 Steps to Staying Healthy During FLU Season

Whether you’re planning on getting the FLU shot this year or opting out, it’s not too late to learn how to stay healthy…naturally!

The best way to stay healthy naturally this upcoming flu season is to keep your immune system strong.

The easiest way to do this is to follow these simple guidelines:

Fight the Flu

  • Maintain a healthy DIET– (eliminate junk food) and most importantly SUGAR.  Sugar depletes the immune system as it destroys the white blood cells needed to fight off invaders for several hours after consumption, it also feeds bacteria. Too much bacteria in the intestinal tract kills our immune system. Increase healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, fish or fish oil supplement, beans, seeds, nuts, flax, eggs;consume more vegetables (include a variety of dark leafy greens, broccoli, kale, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, as these contain more antioxidants and disease fighting components – venture out from the same old carrots, potatoes & corn) also healthy proteins like eggs, turkey, chicken, fish or beef.
  • Load up on GARLIC & ONION when cooking – These foods are anti-microbial, stimulate the immune system and help fight off infections.
  • Get solid SLEEP  – It essential to get at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep to help your body repair and rejuvenate cells.
  • EXERCISE – it helps to move lymphatic fluid to clean out toxins. Even walking is enough to get the juices flowing and keep the bones strong. When the weather is gets cooler meet your friends in the mall to do some walking.
  • Take PROBIOTICS –  I know I say this a lot and I’ll say it again….our immune system is primarily in our intestinal tract. It should maintain a balance of 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria. When that balance is off this is when we get sick. Probiotics help to maintain that 80/20 balance.  Take minimum 15 billion live bacteria daily to keep the immune system strong.  It will also help to keep your bowels regular which is equally important to move those toxins out!
  • DRINK WATER –  Again, this is nothing new but the old adage “give a senior a sip” is for a reason.Seniors don’t drink enough water to keep not only their brain, but bones and organs hydrated, as well as help flush out toxins by keeping the bowels moving.  The older generation didn’t grow up carrying a water bottle like most of us do today so this is not second nature like it is to the younger generation.  If you think water is boring add lemon, even cucumber slices to enhance flavour.  Aim to consume minimum of 1 litre daily.  Keeping the body hydrated also keeps mucus membranes hydrated so airborne toxins don’t have a chance to settle in.
  • Practice good HYGIENE – sneeze into your sleeve, and make sure your hands are clean before eating or touching your mouth or eyes.  Viruses can live on surfaces from 2-8 hours depending on the strain so use soap & water or alcohol based hand sanitizers.



Kim is the owner of Lakeside Natural Therapies, specializing in Nutrition & Reiki. If you have questions for Kim feel free to contact her at Kim@icarehomehealth.ca