Benefits Of Foot Care Treatment For Seniors

Benefits Of Foot Care Treatment For Seniors

Our feet are probably one of the most under appreciated parts of our body. However, we depend on them to stay active, mobile, and healthy into our old age. Regular foot care treatments are an effective way to take care of our feet and to identify any problems that need to be addressed. Here are some of the benefits of foot care treatments for seniors:

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Regular checks– If you have foot care treatments on a regular basis, you will always be aware of any cuts, bruises, redness, or swelling on your feet. You will also be able to quickly identify any conditions such as corns or callouses, heel spurs, bunions or hammer toe. These regular checks are even more important if you are a person living with diabetes.

Improves circulation– Many seniors have poor circulation in their feet and foot treatments can help to improve that. A warm foot bath and a foot massage will quickly get the blood flowing down to your toes.

Trimming toenails– Having your toenails properly trimmed and filed will reduce cuts and ingrown toenails, and will also make your feet look a little prettier.

Moisturizing dry skin– Many seniors have dry skin, which can lead to painful, cracked feet. Foot treatments include moisturizing the skin on your feet to keep it smooth and soft.

Education on foot self-care– You will learn about your risk factors for various conditions and what you can do to prevent them. Just wearing comfortable shoes and socks that fit you properly and keeping your feet clean and dry can eliminate a lot of potential problems.

Improved mobility– When our feet feel good, we are more likely to move around. This increased exercise has a multitude of benefits to our health.

Early identification– By keeping a close eye on your feet, you are more likely to spot early warning signs for serious conditions such as poor circulation, diabetes, or nerve damage.

When your feet are healthy and free from pain, you are able to get out and enjoy your life. If you spend the time now to take care of your feet, they will take you anywhere you want to go! So put aside a few hours to get pampered!



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