Beyond the Numbers: The Key to Managing Hypertension

Beyond the Numbers: The Key to Managing Hypertension

Hypertension, or more colloquially known as high blood pressure, is a condition that not only has far reaching consequences if it is left untreated, but also has a growing presence in the lives of older adults. As such, May 17th marks World Hypertension Day, an annual event aimed at improving awareness of managing hypertension. Fortunately, the treatment of the effects of “the silent killer” has advanced considerably to the point that medication and measurement devices are available to manage it.

Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer!

The World Hypertension League selected this year’s theme to emphasize the importance of measurement in the management of the condition. In Canada, hypertension is prevalent in about just over 20% of the adult population. Moreover, as the population ages, hypertension becomes an even larger driver of doctor visits, whether it be through direct intervention in order to diagnose and treat it, or through the manifestation of untreated complications  like heart attacks or strokes. Therefore, it is essential that those living with high blood pressure follow their doctor’s directions with regards to taking their medication and monitoring their blood pressure at home.

About half of those with diagnosed high blood pressure do not properly take their medications, which raises the risk of the development of complications. Moreover, less than a sixth of those with diagnosed high blood pressure monitor their own blood pressure at home regularly. This is a missing step that would majorly help doctors know how well hypertension is controlled and track the treatment and lifestyle change progress.

Hypertension Care at Home

Seeing as hypertension is a condition that disproportionately affects older adults, oftentimes there are factors such as other illnesses that may impede a patient’s ability to follow the appropriate measures to treat their hypertension. This is where one of our qualified caregivers or nurses can step in to ensure that an appropriate plan to treat high blood pressure is being followed. From support with medication management through reminders to take the appropriate doses to assistance with monitoring blood pressure at home to keep a log of the progression of the condition. These services are all part of a holistic approach to sustaining a safe, comfortable, and healthy lifestyle at home.

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