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Chiropractic Advice – Posture and MuscleCare. It’s Never Too Late to Start Paying Attention To Your Posture!

Posture is integral to the health of the spine and dictates where tension and forces accumulates through joints in the body. Poor posture can develop over time due to a number of factors including:

Check Your Posture

  • Previous injuries – whether from a single incident or repetitive strain overtime, previous injuries play a large role in how bodies are aligned and balanced.
  • Sitting and standing position – sitting or standing in a slouched.
  • Tight or weak musculature – imbalances in muscle tension can greatly affect joint compression and posture.
  • Spinal joint restrictions – joint restrictions often develop due to posture and muscle tension. When a joint loses motion, increased degeneration occurs through that joint.
  • Genetic factors – predisposition and anatomy that is determined by genetics or factors outside the control or environment of the individual.
  • and more…

Pain due to poor posture can occur when the above factors cause too much compression through spinal joints. If this joint compression progresses it can irritate nerves and cause symptoms such as unspecific pain, numbness/tingling or weakness. Wear and tear on joints is a slow process, which gradually reduces disc space between the vertebrae in the spine. Here’s the good news, this process can be reduced and even reversed by:

  • Training and practicing good posture.
  • Proper movement habits, and physical activity.
  • Gently stretching tight musculature.
  • Treatment and other advice from trusted health professionals.

Poor Posture

How can MuscleCare help with aches and pains from poor posture?

When pain or spasm occurs, MuscleCare Professional Therapy is proven to be effective. MuscleCare reduces pain and inflammation on the site, reduces muscle spasm and provides muscle and joint tissue with benefits of Magnesium, Glucosamine, MSM and other all-natural ingredients. A new scientific study has dramatically confirmed the efficacy of Professional Therapy MuscleCare pain relievers. The topical analgesic line was shown in a scientific study to be the most effective when compared to five pain relieving brands. The research was published in March in Chiropractic & Manual Therapies. MuscleCare proved to be twice as effective as leading seller Icy Hot, according to Active and Innovative chief executive Dr. Chris Oswald.

MuscleCare roll-on was among the products that led to “significant increases in pain threshold tolerance after a short-term application on a trigger points located in the trapezius muscle,” the study’s authors wrote. It was also shown to be “significantly superior” to Icy Hot “in the short-term reduction of myofascial tenderness.”

MuscleCare is on the verge of contracting with seven professional athletes to endorse MuscleCare, including David Bolland NHL, the Orlando Magic’s Glen “Big Baby” Davis, plus many in the NFL and extreme sports world – if it is strong enough for pain elite athletes experience, you know it can work wonders on aches, pains, strains and osteoarthritis!

The company will also work with pharmacists to get the word out about the brand’s efficacy. “They’ve been dying to get something that actually works,” Oswald says. “We’ll have a number of programs to get pharmacists educated and excited about MuscleCare.”

With a free doubling of product while supplies last, it’s time you get excited about MuscleCare too! Go to or call 1-844-784-PAIN (7246) to place your order.

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Brought to you by Dr. Chris Oswald and Dr. Myles Dalton of

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President of iCare Home Health Services, a community based, boutique home health care company dedicated to serving the needs of our customers to maintain their quality of life and dignity while they recover from illness or age at the comfort of their own home.

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