Easy Tips To Help Seniors Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

Easy Tips To Help Seniors Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

Staying healthy during the holiday season can be a challenge. The colder, snowy weather may make you want to stay inside and be less active, and sugary holiday treats can be tempting. The holidays can also be an emotionally difficult time if there are family issues, or if a loved one is ill or has passed away. However, there are a few things you can do to help you stay active, healthy, and happier during the holiday season.

Seniors Stay Healthy

Plan Meals & Follow Dietary Restrictions
If your family or friends are throwing a holiday party, plan out your healthy meals before the party so you can avoid over-indulging in holiday foods. If your doctor advised a specific diet to help manage a condition, such as diabetes or high cholesterol, you can also ensure that there are foods available at the party that meet your dietary restrictions. Talk to the hosts about your dietary needs and suggest a dish that will work for you, or bring a dish for yourself or everyone to share.

Engage In Fun Recreational Activities
Being cooped up inside during the winter can lead to loneliness and a lack of exercise, which makes it especially important to go outside and enjoy time with others. However, our bodies can become more sensitive to the cold as we get older, which can make outdoor activities less appealing. If the weather is mild and the sidewalks are completely clear of snow, slush, and ice, put on a warm coat and some winter boots and go for a leisurely walk with a friend. Many organizations also arrange fun indoor recreational activities that you can join, such as yoga for seniors, indoor walking groups around malls, and art classes.

Reach Out For Support
If the holiday season is a difficult time for you because of family difficulties, an illness, or loss, know that you’re not alone. There are several support groups for people who experience grieving during the holidays. Look for local groups to join in your area and reach out to share your feelings. You may find that you meet some new and supportive friends in the process. You may also find that friends, family, and neighbours are a source of support if you share your struggles with them. While the holidays are supposed to be a joyous time and you may not want to share your burdens, it’s important not to be afraid to look for support and share how you feel. When you start to reach out to others, you’ll likely find more support than you realise.

Share The Work
If you’ve been hosting a big holiday gathering at your home for years and you find the responsibility to be overwhelming as you get older, ask your family and friends to share the workload or host the event at their home instead. For example, if you normally decorate, cook a large meal from scratch, and clean-up on your own, ask for help carrying out each task. Your grandchildren might enjoy taking on all the decorating work, and your children can each bring a dish to the party to ensure the cooking is taken care of. A few guests can also undertake the clean-up process for you, so you don’t have to worry about washing dishes and cleaning up your kitchen. Alternatively, it might be time to create a new tradition and host the holiday party at another relative’s home.

Decrease Gifts
Many seniors no longer work and live on a fixed income, which can make buying presents financially and emotionally stressful. What’s more, your family may have grown to include many grandchildren, which means more presents to purchase. Don’t be afraid to talk to your family about decreasing the number of gifts you give every year. Depending on your situation, you may find it easier to gift each family with a single gift they can all enjoy, knit beautiful treasures your loved ones can keep for years, or bake their favourite treats. If the act of giving gifts is too much altogether, it’s a wonderful time to simply appreciate the gift of each other’s company.

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