Embrace Change!

Embrace Change!

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” It’s a dismissive saying that we have all heard a thousand times; usually uttered by someone who either can’t or won’t commit to the work needed to make a positive change in their lives. Of course, if you subscribe to this line of thought, it will be very hard to make a change. But, there is no factual basis to it. There is no scientific, medical, or logical reason we cannot make positives changes later in life; it is not the exclusive right of the young. “Change comes from within”; I like this saying much more. Not only does it tell us that change can come at any age, but also that we all have the inner strength to make it happen. Let’s look at a few ways you can change your life starting today:

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Stay Positive

Depending on what is going on in your personal life, staying positive can be sometimes challenging. But, being positive does not mean having an endless smile on your face; it means trying to remember the good things in your life when things aren’t so great; it means not letting sadness and tragedy define your life. You can still feel sad and be positive; you just don’t let the sadness overtake your life. So, keep positive thoughts and try to remember the good things you have.

Letting Go Of Anger

We all have things, situations, and even people who we have anger towards. It could be something that is new or a grudge that goes very far back. That sort of anger is never good for you. If it makes you upset whenever you think about it and really gets your blood boiling, then you are only hurting yourself. Life is too short to spend a lot of time being upset over things and people that we cannot change. Let things go. You can be mad or hurt by something, but don’t sit by yourself and dwell on it. It doesn’t change the situation and only hurts your mood.

Learn Something New Everyday

An active mind is a happy mind. Never stop learning. Try to expand your mind every day. You could take up a new hobby like sewing, chess, or painting. Maybe get a mind puzzle book and do one every day. Watch a documentary or read a book. There are also plenty of universities and classes that offer courses aimed at older adults. Don’t live in a university city? No problem! Do the classes online!

Keep Active

Do something; do anything! Just keep your body active. Try to find something that gets your body moving at least once a day. You can try exercises like varying distance walks at varying speeds depending on your ability or an exercise class at your local seniors community centre but, you can also keep it more casual and go for a daily bike ride or a leisure swim. You could also take up low-impact sports like lawn bowling or darts. The idea is to keep active and have fun.

Be Social

Surround yourself with people who you enjoy spending time with. It is a fantastic way to keep positive. You can still spend time by yourself; solitude can also be healthy. But, don’t overdo it. Even if it is just a weekly coffee or book club, make the effort!

Making a positive change in your life is important, but it can be difficult to focus on it when there are health concerns to take care of. This is where senior home health care can make a significant contribution to the well-being of your loved one’s life. At iCare Home Health, we will provide your loved one with a licensed and professional health care worker who will offer compassionate and efficient care right in their home. Our Care Plans will include an element of Mental and/ or Physical Stimulation to help people reach their healthy ageing goals. iCare Home Health serves Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and the Toronto Area. Contact us today and learn more about our spate of services.


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