Food Allergies Can Make Us Sick

Food Allergies Can Make Us Sick

So you say you are feeling sick all the time and can’t figure out why?

Do you regularly get headaches, have a bloated stomach,have red irritated skin, eczema or chronic sinus infections?

Did you know your food could be making you sick? How and what we eat determines our health, well being and quality of life!

Food Allergies

Common food allergens include:

DAIRY (found in baked goods, chocolate, fried foods, seasoning, soup mixes) also labelled as casein, calcium, lactoferrin, whey & curds

SEAFOOD (some people cannot eat a certain form of seafood like shellfish) also hidden in deli meats, hot dogs, salad dressings & sauces

EGGS (also known as meringue, albumin, ovo) found in sauces, icing, baked goods, pancakes, pasta

CORN (also found in many foods as a filler) an adulterated crop that is a Genetically Modified food

SOY (not only found in food products but in cosmetics and soaps) some sources are: tofu, chewing gum, hot chocolate, baked goods, tuna & candy

WHEATlisted as durum, farina, kamut, spelt, wheat bran/flour/germ/starch – found in pasta, cereal, baked goods, gravy mixes, croutons, battered food and cream soups

SULPHITES(food additives to preserve & maintain food color & shelf life) can also trigger asthma in some people

And finally… Citrus foods, Chocolate, Nuts can be an allergen to some people!

Most of the time people who have a food allergy also are addicted to that offending food. The body will often crave foods that cause unwanted physiological or psychological reactions. Unpleasant symptoms almost instantly develop after eating a certain food yet people still don’t relate that food to being the cause of them feeling unwell. Symptoms such as fatigue, tension, headaches and sinus issues are common from eating allergenic foods.Some reactions can be non-physical such as anxiety, irritability and insomnia so people don’t relate this as being an allergic reaction.

The best way to tell if you are allergic to one or more of the common offending foods is to do an elimination diet. Start with one thing at a time and remove that from your diet for one month. See if your symptoms improve. If they do not improve and symptoms persist, go on to the next item on the offender list and see if symptoms get better.

Eating the same foods over and over again on a regular basis can create a “sensitivity”. The body no longer recognizes the nutrient value from that food and creates an “allergic” reaction such as the ones mentioned above.

A healthy diet is one that contains a variety of whole grains, fresh fruits & vegetables, and protein.


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