Getting Help Around the Holidays

Getting Help Around the Holidays

Holiday traditions are important, but as a caregiver you may need to approach the holidays little differently than you normally would. Trying to keep everything exactly the same each year can be stressful and will defeat the purpose of the holidays which is to relax and create beautiful memories with your family. When making your holiday plans, don’t forget about yourself. Here are some opportunities for you to get additional support during this busy time of year:

Take Time for Yourself: Don’t let yourself get lost by being completely focused on everyone else’s needs. This is your holiday too so it is important that you let yourself enjoy it. This may mean having someone else take over your care-giving duties so that you can fully participate in a family gathering, or getting some additional support so that you can go shopping or get a well-earned massage.

Getting Help Around the Holidays

Get Help With Holiday Preparations: Sometimes the holiday preparations themselves can be a huge amount work for an already busy caregiver. All that Christmas baking can end up being stressful instead of fun. Ask for help! Your family and friends may be eager to pitch in but just not know what to do. Make a list of the tasks that need to be done and see who wants to volunteer! You may be surprised to see how much they enjoy getting involved in the holiday preparations.

Be Prepared to Set Boundaries: When you are caring for somebody, you get to know their needs more than anybody else. If the holiday plans that are being made are unrealistic, don’t be afraid to speak up. Even close friends and family may not be aware of limitations that may make their holiday plans a source of stress. Make sure that the loved one you are caring for has enough opportunities to rest during the holidays so that they can actually enjoy the time they are spending with their family.

Get Assistance With Home Repairs: Since there are so many people around during the holidays, it’s a great time to get help with those odd jobs around the house. If you have a pile of wood that needs to be moved, a cupboard door that needs to be fixed, or a wall that needs to be painted, put those extra hands to work!

Remember that you don’t have to do it alone and that it is better for everyone involved if you ask for help when you need it. If you require even more support during this busy time, call us!

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