Happy Holiday Feasting

Happy Holiday Feasting

‘Tis the season to be ….INDULGENT….or is it?

While you may be inclined to want to say to heck with it and eat and drink everything you want and worry about it later when the best intended resolutions are put into place, if we practice a few strategies before going to those parties our heart, waistline and liver will thank us later!

Holiday Feast

I’m not one to say don’t do this or that, I prefer to follow the motto “Everything in Moderation” and of course “Choose Wisely”.

With that, here are a few tips to help guide you through a healthy holiday season:

  • EAT AT HOME BEFORE THE PARTY – some people will starve themselves all day so they can indulge in the holiday buffet. If you have nutritious snacks throughout the day of the party and a good breakfast and lunch you will resist the temptation to eat all the unhealthy buffet items. Snack on greek yogurt, cheese and/or almonds the day of the party. Aprotein shake is a great quick way to provide the nutrition you need and help you to feel full and avoid over eating.

    Some smart appetizer choices would be:

    Crudités – the fiber in the veggies will help to fill you up. Choose a yogurt or hummus dip if you have the option.
    Mixed Nuts – walnuts are an excellent choice as they are high in Omega fatty acids. Just remember nuts also are high in calories so eat them in moderation.
    Smoked salmon – especially if not covered in rich sauces – providing omega fats and protein

    Check out the options being offered at the buffet table before you load up your plate and be selective. The rule is 2/3 of your plate should be raw or steamed veggies. Pass on the ones laden with sauces.


    • mini sausages/meatballs – they are typically high in sodium, choose devilled eggs instead
    • dips – typically high in fat, choose hummus or salsa instead
    • anything deep fried – high in bad fats – skip altogether

    GO LIGHT ON THE DESSERTS – You can have dessert but choose wisely. Instead of heavy cheese cake, opt for chocolate, fruit or cookies. If you absolutely must have that cake – share with a friend!

  • FOLLOW THE 1 FOR 1 RULE: for every glass of alcoholic beverage, drink 1-2 glasses of water, this will help keep your liver and body hydrated and will of course cut down on those calories!   A refreshing option to straight wine is to add sparkling water with a wedge of lemon. The lemon is also a good aid to liver detox.

    Remember a glass of eggnog can be the equivalent of a full days worth of calories, so enjoy that eggnog drink but only have 1! Yes I know they are oh so yummy and for me signifies the holiday season is here!

    Alcohol typically has 7 calories per gram, it spikes your blood sugar, slows the metabolism down and will dehydrate you. Avoid those pretty colored holiday drinks and stick to the more clear fluids as much as possible, they are less strain on the liver and typically contain less chemical & sugar ingredients.

  • KEEP HEALTHY THIS PARTY SEASON by getting lots of rest (this will help curb sugar cravings by the way) and be sure to wash your hands often as we shake hands with those we haven’t seen since last year’s party and then eat finger foods from the buffet table! Bump up your Vitamin C intake to help keep the immune system strong!

Have a safe, healthy holiday season everyone!

Have a safe, healthy holiday season everyone


Kim is the owner of Lakeside Natural Therapies, specializing in Nutrition & Reiki. If you have questions for Kim feel free to contact her at Kim@icarehomehealth.ca