Health Espresso – The Next Step in Home Health Care

Health Espresso – The Next Step in Home Health Care

It should be easier. There is always so much to think about, so many things to consider when providing home health care for an elderly family member. Are they okay? Did they remember to take their medication? When do I have to re-fill their prescription? Is their doctor updated on their condition? How is their blood pressure? How is their body doing right now? There is so much important information and it can be so hard to keep track of it all. In this age of technology, mobile phones acting as mini-computers, and apps that apparently can do anything, it should be easier to keep track of all this important health information for your loved one. Here is the good news: It can be easier, right now, with health espresso!

Health Espresso

Health Espresso is the next step in the personalization of home health care. Health Espresso uses emerging technology to act as a virtual partner in providing the best and most efficient health care to your loved one. Being Bluetooth-enabled, health espresso can allow medical professionals to virtually monitor medication adherence and body readings which can help to prevent critical health events before they occur. Here are some of the advantages of health espresso:

Bluetooth Technology

Health Espresso can pair with other Bluetooth-enabled health devices to provide a secondary user, be it a family member or a doctor with real-time notifications on body readings such as blood pressure and pulse rate.

Medication Management

An audible reminder of medication dosage and Bluetooth tracking will aid with adherence. A secondary user can also track medication intake.

Outside Resources

Health Espresso can link to the user’s pharmacy for an auto-refill. Using Location Based technology, health espresso can locate the nearest pharmacy, hospitals or health centres.
Health Espresso is the virtual tool that will make your life, and more importantly, the life of your loved one safer. It is a cross-platform app. (Coming Soon to the Google Play and Apple Store)

Health Espresso comes to you from iCare Home Health Services, the premier home healthcare organization in Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas. Our president, Rick Menassa, is a long-time believer in merging new technology with creative home healthcare. Health Espresso is the latest addition to the services offered by iCare Home Health Services. Please contact us or visit our website today to find out more information.


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