Healthy Habits – Never Too Late To Start

Healthy Habits – Never Too Late To Start

We all know that we need to do it, but just never get around to it. Eventually, we decide that it is too late to start and the damage is done. So, we don’t bother. But, it is never too late to start building healthy habits into our lives. We can reap the benefits from healthy habits right into old age. So, why do more people not adapt regular healthy habits? Well, we all have our reasons, but creating habits on purpose can be more difficult than it sounds. The good news: once we create these habits, they become a regular part of our life. Just like showering, brushing our teeth, and getting up early is a normal part of our life, other habits can emerge as well. Being that everyone is different, it can be challenging to come up with an all-encompassing set of steps that will ensure that everyone starts building healthy habits. But, these 3 steps are the most universally successful:

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  1. Start Immediately- Building healthy habits is an old favorite for a New Year’s Resolution. Other people will say that they will start being healthier “after the holiday” or “when things calm down” or when “the weather warms up”. But, why wait? It just gives you an excuse not to do it. The sooner you start, the healthier you will be. Procrastination is a great way to not to do something.
  1. Build The Habits Into Your Everyday Activities- When planning your day, make sure that healthy habits are embedded right into your daily life. Maybe instead of taking the bus to the store, you can ride your bike or walk. Add salad to meals. Instead of having a coffee, have a tea. By blending healthy habits into your life, you will look at it less like an intrusion and more normal.
  1. Strong Self-Discipline- This can be the hardest part. Until they become habits and part of our normal routine, we will sometimes have to force ourselves to do things. Don’t talk yourself of it. Creating a checklist can often help; partnering up with someone else can be a great way to keep up the healthy habits.

So, what are some healthy habits you can start with? Well, it is always good to check with your health-care provider for advice. In the meantime, here are a few things:

Eat Healthy

This does not have to be about completely replacing everything you love to eat and denying yourself of food. Start with small changes: have a salad with every meal; eat more chicken and fish instead of red meat; consume more water on a regular basis. The little things add up.

Regular Sleep Patterns

Have regular sleep patterns. Conventional wisdom tells us that we need 8 hours of sleep every night. But, that may NOT be the case. Some of us need more, some less. Follow what your body is telling you. Either way, you should try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

Be Active

You don’t have to be sweating it out in the gym everyday to be active. A leisurely bike ride or walk can do the trick. Swimming or other low-impact sports (like lawn bowling) can also provide needed exercise. As long as you are doing something.

Exercise Your Mind

Don’t forget to work out your mind too. Studies have shown that mental exercises can ward of dementia and the effects of Alzheimer’s. Puzzles, games, classes….anything that gets the brain working.

Socially Active

Happy people are often very healthy. Try and keep a circle of friends and different social groups to keep the spirits up.

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