How At-Home Dementia Care Can Help Your Loved One

How At-Home Dementia Care Can Help Your Loved One

A dementia diagnosis can be a challenging time for the individual and their family. Your loved one’s needs may change as their condition progresses, and you may find that they need extra support to carry out their daily routine, maintain their physical and emotional health, and practice self-care. While care from family members is always appreciated, it may not be enough to ensure that your loved one is safe and properly cared for. At-home dementia care can support your loved one and provide you with peace of mind, knowing that they’re being cared for by a qualified expert. Here are some of the benefits professional at-home care can offer:

At-Home Dementia Care

Staying In A Familiar Environment

At-home care allows seniors with dementia to enjoy the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Moving to a new and unfamiliar environment can be disorienting for dementia patients, which may lead to depression, anger, and anxiety. Staying in a familiar environment provides dementia patients with a greater sense of security, and can promote a greater sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. Remaining at-home can also help relieve some of their family members’ anxieties, as they don’t need to worry about finding a reputable long-term senior care facility or be concerned that their loved one’s needs aren’t being met. At at-home caregiver who specializes in Alzheimer’s care will be able to regularly communicate with the patient’s loved ones to provide updates on their health and well being.

Maintaining Routines & Schedules

As dementia patients are soothed by familiar environments, they similarly feel most comfortable maintaining their daily routines and schedules. Many seniors have followed the same routine for years, such as walking up and eating meals at certain times, and watching specific television programs. Following these routines helps to maintain a sense of normalcy and calm, which is imperative for people with dementia. At at-home caregiver will maintain the patient’s normal schedule, and help them if they struggle to undertake certain tasks on their own, such as making meals, cleaning up, and self-care. This allows dementia patients to experience a greater sense of comfort and control, as their daily routines will feel familiar and positive.

Positive & Meaningful Engagement

While some forms of dementia care simply focus on the patient’s physical health, it’s just as important to take the patient’s emotional health into account. An at-home caregiver who specializes in Alzheimer’s care knows how to create a positive and engaging environment by taking the time to socialize with their patient, learn about their interests, listen to their stories, and help them engage in activities they enjoy. For example, a patient who enjoys sports may enjoy watching a local soccer or golf game. If they enjoy music and dancing, familiar music from their era can be played and some space can be made to freely move or sway to the music.

 Recreational activities and outings are also important to dementia patients to promote greater comfort and happiness. A qualified at-home caregiver will make the extra effort to create these positive and engaging experiences, as they understand the importance of considering a patient’s health from a holistic perspective.

Specialized Training & Customize Care

At-home caregivers for dementia patients are specially trained to provide compassionate, respectful, and patient care. They understand how to communicate with people with dementia more effectively and break down daily activities into small steps that are easier for the patient to follow. They also understand the importance of safety, as dementia patients can be prone to wandering and getting lost, forgetting to take medication, and getting into accidents.

The comprehensive education and experience provided by an at-home caregiver allows them to deliver qualified, personalized care that benefits each patient. What’s more, at-home care can be easily customized as the patient’s or family’s needs change. Caregiving services can be scheduled on a routine basis through at-home visits, and live-in care services are also an option as the patient’s needs progress. If you’re considering at-home care for your loved one, it’s a good idea to discuss the idea with their doctor to get a better idea of their needs and arrange an assessment with a reputable at-home health care services provider.

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If your loved one was diagnosed with dementia, they may require at-home support to help them undertake their daily routines, promote medication adherence, and foster a greater sense of wellbeing as they cope with their illness. iCare Home Health offers professional, qualified, and compassionate at-home dementia care in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton. Our expert caregivers and at-home nurses are fully trained to provide the best support possible to ensure that your loved one receives quality care. To learn more, explore our at-home services and contact us to arrange a consultation.


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