How to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers

How to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers

We often hear how meal planning and regular exercise can help to manage diabetes. Sadly, one aspect of diabetes that doesn’t come up as often is foot ulcers. About one quarter of diabetics will suffer from foot ulcers. Worse, many of these cases can even lead to amputation.

Knowing what to look for when it comes to foot ulcers can go a long way in preventing them. If you’re looking for foot care tips in Scarborough, read on. There’s helpful advice below for preventing diabetic foot ulcers along with contact information for those looking for diabetic foot care in Scarborough.

Daily Cleaning and Self Care

Daily care is essential in preventing foot ulcers. Be sure to wash your feet daily using soap and warm water. Then, gently dry your feet with a towel and pay attention to the areas between your toes.

After your feet are dry, apply moisturizer to keep them hydrated. While tempting, don’t use hot water bottles, heaters or foot spas to warm your feet.

Watch for Issues

Next, it’s important to look at your feet daily for signs of irritation, blisters, tears in the skin, callouses or open wounds. If you spot any issues, it’s essential that you avoid trying to treat this on your own. This includes trying to remove corns or callouses. Instead, foot clinics in Scarborough — such as iCare Home Health — can help.

Shoes and Exercise

When it comes to footwear, your shoes should fit well to prevent issues. Also, avoid waking barefoot or wearing your shoes without socks. Around the house, wearing socks and well-fitted slippers are recommended.

Follow Diabetic Advice

Feet aside, it’s essential that you manage your diabetes as prescribed by your doctor. This includes remembering to take medications, regularly checking your blood sugar levels and making time for exercise.

Diabetic Foot Care in Scarborough

Managing foot care can be a difficult task, especially for older adults. If you’ve been looking for a foot clinic in Oshawa, contact us at iCare Home Health for support. We offer professional care for people with diabetes to treat existing foot issues and prevent new ones from starting.

Our list of services includes everything from trimming your nails to treating corns, calluses, ingrown nails, thickened nails, and orthotics fitting. Our team recognizes the high level of care that diabetic individuals need.

If you’re in need of diabetic foot care in Scarborough, please reach out to us at (647) 492-1486 or


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