Top 10 Family Holiday Activities

Top 10 Family Holiday Activities

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to get festive! This is the season for being swept away with holiday joy, the unified sense of cheer and happiness, and for appreciating and giving back. If you’re a family caregiver, take a break and look into some short term respite care services to help you out at this time of year. Take this time to unwind from your daily tasks and make the most of your holidays. Here’s a list of fun activities that your whole family will enjoy this season! By Aaliyah Madadi

Take a Drive to see the Christmas lights

Houses are decorated, trees are ornamented, and neighboursare getting creative. Take a family drive through your neighbourhood and look at all the holiday houses on your street. Bring some hot chocolate along for the ride and simply enjoy each other’s company as you pick out your favourite decorations!

Make a Gingerbread House:

Sure, you can purchase pre-made gingerbread houses or ready-to-assemble ones. But you’ll have the most fun by making your own gingerbread houses from scratch! A trip to Bulk Barn and some gingerbread is all you need for making your very owndelicious house!

Go to a Holiday Play or Concert

This is the time of year to appreciate classics such as The Nutcracker ballet or orchestra concerts. Make it a family night on the town with some classic art that never gets old.

Volunteer Together

There’s so much to be grateful for and during this time of year, it’s very humbling to volunteer and give back. Consider spending a few hours at your local food bank or soup kitchen helping those in need. If you can’t make it out to volunteer, try donating non-perishable items to food banks, giving away your old clothes, or donating forgotten toys to those less fortunate.

Holiday Drinks and Winter Walks

Your favourite holiday drinks are only available for a few more weeks! Go for a family trip to your favourite café, grab your drinks to go, and enjoy your warm beverages while taking a beautiful winter walk. While it’s natural to stay indoors during colder weather, there’s truly something special about bundling up and going outside on a sunnywinter day.

Watch Your Favourite Holiday Movies

Elf, Home Alone, The Sound of Music, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, The Christmas Story…get the family together and unwind with some classics!

Make a Handmade Gift

Plan some time for arts and crafts with your family and make handmade ornaments and gifts. You’ll get to spend some quality time with your family and friends will appreciate receiving handmade gifts.

Holiday Baking

Rice Krispie snowmen, Mrs. Claus brownies, Christmas cookies homemade holiday baking is the most delicious kind! Grab the kids and make an assortment of their favourite holiday baked goods.

Build a Fort

This activity is great if you have young ones in your family. Encourage them to build a fort and provide them with the sheets, blankets, and pillows to do so. The adults will have just as much fun watching the kids build their fort – or better yet, join in on the fun!

Listen to Musical Tunes

Perhaps you have a musically-inclined family in which case you might want to tune up the piano and start a sing-a-long of your favourite holiday songs. If not, play some cheerful music at home to get your family in the festive spirit! What are your family’s holiday traditions? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @iCare_Health! For more information on holiday respite care services, contact iCare Home Health Services at


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