iCare Navigator Set to Change Patient Experience

iCare Navigator Set to Change Patient Experience

Concierge Healthcare Options Now Available

What if there was something that could help you better navigate the healthcare system? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information required to organize and facilitate care for your loved one, iCare Navigator can help. iCare Navigator is a Healthcare Advocacy and Navigation Service provided by iCare Home Health that supports and educates patients and their family members about the ins and outs of the healthcare system. We can help with your search for elder care, home health care options, research medical conditions or treatment options and even assist in deciphering insurance policies and claims.

Concierge Health Navigator

iCare Navigator is a concierge type service that provides clients with tools to help navigate and assess your personal situation. The type of service that iCare Home Health’s iCare Navigator offers, falls in line with the increasing popularity of concierge health care services. Concierge health care services are private services in the health care field that provide extra services or better access to care and treatment.

Some Examples of Concierge Health Services are:

  • Second opinions on diagnosis, illness management or treatment
  • Adding experts to your medical team to assist with alternative or additional treatments.
  • Project managing health teams and the treatment.
  • Getting assistance in managing medical paperwork such as insurance claims, prescriptions or medical bills

Many people feel that concierge health care services often result in a more complete and collaborative approach for patients and use a more proactive approach to health care. If you would like to find out more about what else may be available for you or your family members, iCare Navigator is here to support, advocate and educate. You don’t need to become an expert in the healthcare system, let us guide you and provide you with options and details that can help.

In addition to the services already mentioned, iCare Navigator can also help in the following ways:

  • Attend medical appointments and help with medical discussions
  • Offer expert opinions and information to help make difficult medical decisions
  • Manage hospital and medical bills (including trying to reduce fees)
  • Mediate between family members on decisions affecting the care or treatment of a loved one
  • Manage paperwork and records for personal, legal or insurance purposes
  • Negotiate denial of insurance claims
  • Support end of life services with hospice care

Researching health care options to find out what options may exist for treatment and care for you or your loved one is an important task but often a stressful one. If you could use some help as you navigate through the health care system, we encourage you to find out more about our services offered in the Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton and Hamilton areas. Contact iCare Home Health to find out more about our support systems and how we can assist you.



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