Learn the Ways to Cope with the Symptoms Of Dementia

Learn the Ways to Cope with the Symptoms Of Dementia

Caring for your parent with dementia can be challenging. You will often see behavior and symptoms in your parent that you may not be prepared for. In our experience providing dementia care, we’ve found which symptoms are most challenging for caregivers, and we have solutions to help you cope.

Symptoms Of Dementia

Repetitive Behavior

Those with dementia and Alzheimer’s may end up repeating the same words or performing the same actions repeatedly. At first, this can be disturbing. But, learning to emphasize with and redirect the behavior can help resolve it.

Confusion with Instructions

When you’re giving Alzheimer’s care or dementia care, you want to encourage the person to do things for themselves when they’re able. However, that becomes harder if they have trouble following instructions. To help keep their independence and make yourself clearer, start giving instructions in small chunks. Use short sentences. Don’t ask questions when giving instructions.

Memory Loss

Those who need dementia care also struggle to remember many different details of their lives. Once your parent starts to struggle with short-term memory, stop asking questions that rely on their memory. Quizzing them does not help them and can cause them anxiety.

Instead, approach memory loss with humor, when you can. Simple forgetfulness can lead to sitcom-worthy situations. It’s important to laugh together, not at your family member, when giving Alzheimer’s care.

Some memory loss is harder to laugh together about. For example, caregivers often struggle when a parent mistakes them for another family member. Even though they can’t quite place you, they know you’re someone who is important to them. There’s something comforting – and perhaps funny – about that.

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