Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief

There is nothing worse than dealing with chronic pain.  Being in constant pain puts the body in distress and can manifest in psychiatric symptoms like depression and anxiety.  Using medications long term causes gastro intestinal upset and eventually those meds don’t work as well as they once did so you resort to stronger ones and the vicious cycle continues.

Here are some natural sources of pain relief worth trying:

BROMELAINE – essentially pineapple, is a natural anti-inflammatory absorbed in the blood stream. Helps reduce inflammation and speeds up healing.  Juicing is the best way to get this into your system quicker but eating the fruit is great also.  Avoid canned as there is added sugar.

TURMERIC – comes in dried spice or tea form.  This is used to treat inflammation, cancer, and digestive issues.  Curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) is a popular remedy for osteoarthritis.  Those with gall bladder issues should consult their healthcare practitioner before using Turmeric.

DEVILS CLAW – this bizarre looking plant helps to reduce pain in those with osteoarthritis and arthritis, it can be purchased in capsule or tea form

GLUCOSOMINE SULFATE – this supplement manufactures essential elements of cartilage, used in arthritis and osteoarthritis conditions

IMPROVE YOUR DIET – animal products contribute to inflammation in the body so reduce consumption of meats and dairy and increase fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also consuming too much of a particular food can cause allergy symptoms that show themselves as inflammation so be aware that foods like wheat, eggs, dairy, citrus, nightshade family foods like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are common triggers.

HOLISTIC TREATMENTS like acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic and Osteopathy work wonders over several sessions.

DRINK WATER! I know I say this almost every time I communicate with you but it really is vital to every cell in our body, lubricates our joints, keeps our brain and organs hydrated, the benefits are endless!

Don’t suffer needlessly, but know that using commercial pain killer remedies are only masking your symptoms they are not addressing the cause, giving you a false sense of wellness so then you feel better….you exert yourself thinking you are on the mend…then you hurt more so you take more meds …and the cycle continues and chronic pain sets in. Natural supplements as mentioned above take approximately 4-6 weeks to build up in the body but stick with it, the benefits are worth it.

Life is too short to be spending it with chronic pain or illness!

As always consult your healthcare provider before taking any herbal supplements.


Kim is the owner of Lakeside Natural Therapies, specializing in Nutrition & Reiki. If you have questions for Kim feel free to contact her at