Navigating MS Together: Raising Awareness By Learning

Navigating MS Together: Raising Awareness By Learning

Multiple Sclerosis, MS, is a disease that affects 1 in every 400 Canadians. That rate is one of the highest in the world. Unfortunately, the causes of this chronic autoimmune disease are still unknown, and a cure is yet to be discovered. However, with careful managing of the symptoms and having a strong, supportive community, those with MS can lead healthy, fulfilling lives. We invite you to join us in learning more about the disease in order to support and advocate for those living with MS.

What is MS?

MS is an affliction that impacts the central nervous system, yielding impacted vision and mobility, among other issues. Furthermore, it has an episodic nature, whereby the interval and intensity of the symptoms ebb and flow between periods of extreme fatigue and regular wellness.

Currently, MS is treated with medication, muscle relaxants, and physical therapy. Depending on the severity of both the symptoms and the conditioning of the person, a choice or combination of all of the previous may be necessary to ease the symptoms of MS.

Women make up three quarters of adults diagnosed with MS in Canada, and more than half of adults living with MS are 20-49 years old. With that said, the progression of MS as patients age complicates the level and kind of care required.

MS Home Care

It may reach a point where MS symptoms progress to a stage that directly interferes with completing regular, daily activities. Moreover, people with MS tend to be more likely to have concurrent comorbidities that could incite a need for closer management of their health conditions. At that point, one of our experienced caregivers or nurses would be ready to step in and deliver the highest quality, personalized home care to your loved one.

 If you need a caregiver or nurse in the Mississauga, Oakville, Ajax, and Pickering areas to help manage your or your loved one’s MS, connect with us at (905) 4916941 or email to learn about our Personal Support at Home and our  Nurse at Home Services, from assisting with simple chores and helping with personal care, to providing medical care and offering companionship, our. Our caregivers are screened, insured, matched to your preference, professional, reliable, and committed in heart and mind. Home care assistance is only a phone call away.