National Arthritis Awareness Month

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                                       September 2015

iCare Home Health is pleased to bring you the September 2015 issue of our Newsletter, a great source of news and updates about healthy aging, community events and family caregiving. Please share this with your friends and family.

National Arthritis Awareness Month
Is your Diet Causing You Pain?

It seems most people today, especially seniors have some form of Arthritis.
Arthritis is a SYMPTOM not a DISEASE.  It simply means “inflammation of the joints”.
This can happen for many reasons but typically it is triggered by food.  Yes, you read that correctly, your diet may be causing your Arthritis symptoms! Imagine the look on your Doctors face when you tell him/her that?! Learn More…

Art Therapy Puts Life Back into Aging

As seniors get older, diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia can set in without a warning. Some doctors have found ways to slow down the process and help seniors affected to ease through the process. They are always looking for new ways to help with the slowing and healing of them both.
This is where a Therapeutic Art Program comes in as a life saver. It has many different ways to help with slowing and understanding the different diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia..Read More…

Should You be Eating Organic? 
Since we are full swing into the season of fruits & vegetables growing abundantly in our backyard gardens and at our local farm markets I wanted to touch on a controversial subject – ORGANIC vs NON-ORGANIC produce.
It only stands to reason that when you consume toxins and pesticides, your body – mainly your Liver – has to work extra hard to process these chemicals…


Looking for the warning signs that your parents need help!

Losing your independence is never a fun process to have to go through. It gets really hard to admit that you need help after so many years of taking care of not only yourself, but of your kids as well. Some won’t even admit that they need help or that they even have a problem. It is imperative as their children to look for the warning signs that your parents need help. Read More

Spotlight on Technology

Pharma Med Vault: 
Medication Management for Patients with Accessibility Challenges. 

What is it?
Programmable medication reminders with audible alarm for dosage daily schedule.
How does it work
Dosage daily schedule is programmed in the audible reminder unit on the right and is triggered on schedule for up to 30 minutes per reminder until reset by the user. Each compartment is detachable from the main system and can be seperately attached to the reminder unit for mobility.
Pharmaceutical Innovation Ltd. is an innovation organization committed to providing new products and services that are designed to provide better medication safety and accessibility for consumers. is getting support from Canada’s and Ontario’s own MaRS Discovery District; and thumbs up from the CNIB, SunnyBrook Research Centre and others. 

In Our Community

An Evening with CharterAbility

WOK N’ROLL Power Chair Lunch N’ Learn

iCare Therapeutic Art Program (TAP)

Expressive art making can have a therapeutic effect on a person’s health. This basic premise is the foundation on which we have developed the Therapeutic Art Program (TAP) as part of the iCare Cognitive Stimulation support service. The program is facilitated by an Artist in Residence who is a practicing artist with graduate level training in art therapy…Learn More
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However we also know that every situations is different, and you may require iCare Navigator services to assess your personal situation! Nominal service fees maybe applicable for iCare Navigator support services. For more information, please complete and submit the “Contact an Advocate” form on this page. 


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