Remote Patient Monitoring Could Improve Quality of Life for Patients

Remote Patient Monitoring Could Improve Quality of Life for Patients

While there are elements in the Canadian health care system that still require improvement, there has been considerable innovation and technology advancements that are making a positive impact on quality of life and overall patient care. The increase in health care technology is allowing more seniors to remain comfortably and safely in their homes. Premier Home Care Services or live in care services are able to offer even more support to seniors living at home as they can increasingly access the right information to support and provide guidance for medical conditions.

One of the innovative technologies receiving a lot of attention is remote patient monitoring. This technology has the ability to offer multiple benefits to patients, doctors and nurses in addition to the entire health care system.

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Top Benefits Of Remote Patient Monitoring Technology

Remote patient monitoring devices can deliver high quality care with lower risk. The most commonly used application of patient monitoring devices include managing diabetes, monitoring blood pressure, reducing risk of heart failure and managing chronic disease. Some of the most impressive benefits derived from remote patient monitoring include:

  • Accessible medical information at the touch of a tablet or specialized device allowing health care providers to monitor changes and coach patients on how to manage them before it requires a trip to the emergency room or hospital readmission.
  • Reduction in hospital admissions resulting in an average savings per-participant, $1,100/ day.
  • The ability to have multiple doctors quickly evaluate a condition from various remote locations.
  • Reduced travel and wait time, which is especially beneficial for elder care
  • Very high positive patient feedback due to patients being able to remain in the care of an at home nurse who helped them manage and understand their condition using the information received from remote patient monitoring devices.

Using Remote Patient Monitoring To Support Home Care Assistance

In the last decade, there has been an increase in seniors choosing to remain at home and seek out either live in care or home care assistance as opposed to moving into a nursing or retirement home. It is with the continued development of tools such as remote patient monitoring that it will become even easier for seniors to keep their independence – a factor that has a huge impact on their overall happiness and quality of life.

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